Queen Ashley’s Holiday Tradition

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It was great for me to be able to go home for a week to southern Colorado and visit family and friends.
One holiday tradition that I LOVE is going out and hunting with my brother. I never thought I would be able to get along with my brother until I left for college in 2009. Time apart from anybody makes a relationship stronger. Coyote hunting is our forte as a team. We were finally able to go out the day after Christmas. I’m one of the fortunate individuals that doesn’t have to go far from home to get some good hunting in. We are blessed with both the mountains and rolling plains near my hometown. Most areas we commonly visit aren’t lacking in cedar trees so we have plenty of cover to set up the call and find spots to sit and wait. Temps were probably in the 30s that day. Sitting there and watching the snow move in down the mountains was the best part. When the snow slowly began to fall and cover the ground, that was when I was at complete peace with only the sound of birds and the coyote call. We weren’t able to call in anything but we did see a badger on the short drive back to the house who quickly scurried down a prairie dog hole.
To me it isn’t always about filling a tag or getting a kill when I go out in the field. The connection with nature is way more important, something a lot of people don’t have the blessing to be able to experience. Just another reason I love Colorado; colorful Colorado does not lack in beautiful views!

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