Queen Kayla & Princess Railee – Texas Youth Has Love For The Greater Outdoors & God….

Texas Youth Has Love For The Greater Outdoors & God….

Railee, a 6 year old girl from the small Texas town of Seguin, has found a great love for the outdoors. Born and raised in Texas, hunting was guaranteed to become part of her lifestyle. Railee’s passion began at the age of 5 and is running stronger than ever.

Railee’s journey with the great outdoors stared when her parents (Shawn & Kayla Childs) bought her a management doe hunt from Tuddy’s Buck Fever Ranch in Seguin, Texas. Railee, her dad, and her mom headed out to the blind for Railee’s first hunt. Although it was cold and the deer were slow to come out, the then 5 year old waited patiently for her opportunity to shoot her first doe. The does came out right before dark, and excitement filled the blind. Gun went up, she aimed and the doe was down. The excitement and thrill was unbelievable in her. One shot – One Kill. (Photo of Railee with Doe killed is attached) Being her first deer shot, her doe was mounted as a memory that will last a lifetime. The mounted doe was eligible for Railee to enter in the Buck Fever – Seguin, Texas event. The doe was entered into the Exotics Category where it earned the top honor. (Attached photo of Railee with Prize from Buck Fever & Other Placing Parties)

With the excitement of winning at Buck Fever with her doe, Railee set out to shoot her first buck. The family owns a small working ranch in Seguin, and this would make for the prime spot of harvesting her first buck. With the hopes of that buck in mind, Railee and her dad set out to make it happen. Railee was a helping hand in placing a deer feeder, putting up game cameras, and reminding her dad to make sure that the feeder was full of corn. Although it was so close to hunting season when the 2 started prepping, they would come up with a make-shift blind out of wooden pallets and camo burlap/fabric. Once the season started there were several bucks that would show up on the game camera, but there was only two mature bucks and Railee’s heart was set on a 3.5 year old -8 point buck that showed up several times. The first day of hunting season the two went out to hunt and unfortunately the buck was nowhere in sight, they saw several younger bucks but not the one they were after. The following hunt the two headed out a little earlier than normal and Railee fell asleep but her dad stayed awake. The buck they were after came in, slowly Shawn, Railee’s dad, tried to wake her. As she woke and was just about ready to shoot her chair fell forward causing her to fall. The buck of course spooked and ran into the neighbor’s property. As they kept hunting, they heard a shot next door and the two of them just knew that the buck they had been after was shot down. Although she was down on her luck Railee always looks for the good, so she turned to her dad and said, “Its ok daddy, God blessed them with that deer, maybe they needed meat to, he will bring us another one”. As they came in from hunt that day you could see the look of being down but hopes for what still might be out there. The following evening the two set out again, with determination that something was going to come out. Little did they know that the buck she was after was going to come out. The buck that they had hunted and thought that the neighbors killed showed up again, but once again Railee had fallen asleep. As she was waking up again the chair bucked her out. The buck ran off, again the deer was there and gone. They waited patiently to see if the buck would come back. Well persistence and patience did pay off…the buck came back and he was chasing 2 does. The setting was perfect and Railee was ready. One Shot- One Kill. The two were thrilled; the buck that they thought was gone was shot and killed. The two were beyond thrilled that all the hard work and dedication had paid off. (Attached is photo of Railee with her buck.)

Railee may be small but she has big dreams of what she would like to hunt next. A ram, a big pig, a fox, and probably the most hilarious of them all…she wants to shoot a skunk! She has no fear that 2016 will be the year of the huntress…she recently got a new gun and is ready to go on her next hunt!

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