Rhonda’s Corner – My Biggest Buck

This picture was taken 5 years ago when I lived in Lennep, Montana.

I have hunted from a blind for several years but this was my first buck shot from a blind.

I am used to hunting spot and stalk style so hunting from a blind was very different for me.

I had seen this buck crossing through the field for a couple of weeks. He always came out of the woods from one end of the field, crossed and would leave on the other side, so I was pretty confident of his routine. I had been told by several of my friends who always hunt from blinds to put up the blind and let it sit for a few days so it doesn’t scare the game and so that they will get used to it. I’m not sure if that is always the case but it worked for me.

After putting up the blind I continued to watch the field every night to see if his habits would change, they didn’t. I figured on the 5th night it would be safe.

Sometimes while hunting it’s hard for me to be patient and this was one of those times. I had been sitting in the blind for about an hour and a half when he came out to graze, or so I thought. The closer he got the more I realized that, it wasn’t him. I was faced with the decision, do I shoot this buck or wait to see if the one I had been watching was going to show up. Oh and did I mention it was the last day of hunting season!!!

Well I decided to wait, confident he would come out, and my patience paid off. It was an agonizing 25 minute wait while he made his way across the field and into range. As I positioned my rifle I noticed something was off with my scope. I had been using it earlier and had it on high power, but luckily I could still see where the vitals were so felt confident with my shot. 35 yards. My biggest buck yet.

I am grateful for being able to hunt in such a beautiful area and for the people who have allowed me to hunt on their land.

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