Jody’s Safety Tip: Proper Shot Placement

Proper shot placement is essential to effectively and humanely harvesting an animal. Be sure your shot is clear from any obstruction that may affect the trajectory of your arrow – branches, tree limbs, plants, fence posts, can all ricochet your shot and put you in danger.

Additionally, a good harvest is one that clears the major vitals (heart and lungs) in a single shot. Make sure your animal is slightly quartered away and aim behind the front shoulder. A pass through should clear at least the heart and one lung to ensure the most painless kill shot for the harvest and greatly shorten your tracking distance to the animal. A full pass through of your arrow will ensure a large blood trail to find your big game quickly.

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Oct 31, 2012 | Category: Blog, Safety Tips | Comments: 3


3 comments on “Jody’s Safety Tip: Proper Shot Placement

  1. Tonya

    Your video says the animal should be slightly quartering away, but the print says fully quartered away. I think we can all agree fully quartered away is NOT the preferred shot placement.

  2. Michelle T

    I’m not a hunter, but I found this interesting. Nice knowing that care is taken to ensure a good shot.

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