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I’ve been hunting for years now and nothing has taught me more about it than chasing squirrel with my toddler. Until Wes came along hunting was all about myself and the time I got to spend alone in the woods. After he was born though hunting slowed down of course and I knew if I wanted more time in the woods I’d have to find a way to involve him. The solution came about while deer hunting one day, the squirrels had swarmed my feeder like always when I got to thinking that they might be the perfect game to get him started. I knew it probably wouldn’t be that hard given Wes has been raised around guns and he already had a love for the woods. Although I knew he couldn’t pull the trigger I was confident he wouldn’t have a toddler sized melt down when I did. So on our first hunt together I picked out an oak tree, cleared us a small area and explained the best I could to my 1 year old that we had to sit still & be quiet. While we did see a few and Wes did manage to sit for a straight 20 minutes we didn’t harvest anything that day. That short hunt gave me more appreciation for the woods than hunting alone ever had, I’d realized that it wasn’t about the kill or the hunt itself it was about slowing down, bonding and sharing something with him that was very important to myself. Since then we’ve successfully harvested a few limits together, logged numerous hours in the woods and spent plenty of time thanking the good Lord for allowing us to live this life and put food on our table.

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5 comments on “Savannah’s Corner – Chasin’ Tail

  1. Catrina Quenon

    Love your story, I totally agree……there’s nothing like taking your kids hunting. I was able to be there this year for my 10 year old daughters first deer harvest and it was the most memorable of my hunting career. Cant wait to hear more!

  2. jeri

    As your Grandma, I am very proud of the woman you have become, but most of all the Mother you are. The bond we have with our children is very special. Can’t wait your next adventure! Love you both!

  3. Morgan

    Great story, I can’t wait to get my daughter out in the blind with me. Hunting is a great thing to pass down to our children

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