Shar’s Hunting Story

Learning the Hunt.

Five years ago Is when I got into hunting when I met my husband to be. He is a Saskatchewan boy who used to hunt when he was young.
I’ve always wanted to get into hunting but had no one around me who did.
Hunting soon became a passion of mine as I love the outdoors. Camping, quading, hiking and more and more every year shed hunting.
My husband and I are learning as we go ( he’s been out of it for years )
Starting Fresh, growing together.
We are primarily meat hunters. Fresh/ Organic. We set up our shop with meat coolers and a extra freezer so we can process our own meat.
My Experiences so far has taught me that things don’t always go your way. Be patient. Always look on the brighter side, even if you don’t take something. Learn from your experiences. Observe in greater detail and take a step back from the modern distractions.

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