Sherri’s Corner – Red Pepper Mozza Backstrap Recipe

1 backstrap ( I used one from my whitetail buck)
1 red pepper 1 yellow Pepper
1 brick of mozza cheese
1 lb of bacon To taste:
Red chili pepper flakes, garlic salt pepper

Have the backstrap fully thawed, Slice up the peppers and cut cheese into strips Make a slit in the back strap about every inch and a half (do not cut through) In each slit, place a strip of pepper and a strip of cheese (I alternated colors for variety) Wrap the length of backstrap with bacon from end to end – may need to toothpicks to hold secure Season to your liking and place in a covered roaster. Chop up the remaning peppers and sprinkle in the roaster as well Bake in the oven – I put it in at 250 and baked it for 3 hours but variations can be made based on time etc. Serves 4 -6

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