Shifting in the Sticks!

Unless you were taught at a young age most people have never learned to drive a stick shift. Myself being one, so just a few weeks ago I decided it was time and I really wanted to learn so my hubby and I packed up and headed out to our farm. We figured there was no better place to learn then out in the middle of no where on some back country roads in the old farm truck.

It took me a little while to get the hang of it and after killing the truck a few hundred times taking off I did finally get it going. The whole letting my foot off the clutch and pushing on the gas at the same time plus having three different pedals took some getting used to but once I figured it out it really was a piece of cake. My poor husband was close to loosing his patience with me a few times but in the end he was a trooper. Plus getting to cruise the back roads with the windows down and Luke Bryan coming through the radio doesn’t make for such a bad day!

There were many reason why I wanted to learn to drive a stick shift and the first one being in hopes that my dad might finally let me take his new Dodge Challenger out for a spin (ya right) but in all honestly I thought it would good to learn in case I was ever in a situation where I needed to drive one. When we head out on fishing or hunting adventures a lot of the time it’s just my husband and I and we like to take the farm truck since its 4 wheel drive. If something were to ever happen without me knowing how to drive a stick we could be stranded. It’s not only important to know for emergency situations but it helps you to better understand the way a vehicle works.

So if your like me and never learned to drive one why not go try something new and have someone teach you. Or for those who do know how try teaching someone else. The feeling you get after learning to do something or teaching someone something new is always so rewarding…


Plus a girl who drives a stick shift is kinda hot right? 😉

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