Shoot em up — 3d style

3d bow tournaments and shoots are not only competitive, they are fun too! This is one activity that I absolutely love. I enjoy it so much, that I am usually at one every free weekend I have.

This past weekend, I placed 2nd in the local 3d shoot. Not bad after being up all night due to all the tornadoes that tore through my state and several other unfortunate events. To me, it’s not about winning; it’s about having a great time with great friends, and getting to practice something I take pleasure in. Not to mention, the great physical benefits it provides since you are outdoors and walking the entire distance of the course.

For those of you who aren’t sure what a 3d shoot is, let me tell you a little bit about it.

The sport of 3D archery is a form of target archery. It is also a very addicting and fun sport. 3D archery can be participated in by anyone at any skill level. 3D shoots can be set in the woods, fields and sometime even indoor ranges. The goal of 3D archery is having the ability to guess how far away the target is and know where to shoot to achieve the highest possible score. This is what makes it so exciting!! Range finders are not allowed on the courses (unlike hunting). This also helps to sharpen your skills.

The manufactures of the targets have created life size realistic animals of all varieties (from skunks, dinosaurs, alligators, deer, elk, etc). The owners of the courses like to get creative (and tricky!). When it comes to setting up their courses and the placement of the targets. Whoever sets up the 3D course will put these animals in real life settings. They will put them in the brush, a group of trees, up hills, down hills, over some stuff and under other stuff. Then they will place the marker that you shoot from so that you have to shoot between trees all the way to the kill zone. We have shot out of blinds and from tree stands. We have seen animals on rails that provide a moving animal situation. Think—hog on a zip line!! These placements and realistic qualities sure make for some complicated shots!

Depending on your skill level and the shooting class you registered under, you will be shooting from a specific stake placed on the ground at each shooting lane. For instance, young shooters may shoot from the closest stake (15 yards max) where open class and pro shooters may shoot from the farthest stakes (50 yards max). The stakes are used to ensure each shooter has the same opportunity and the shooter is required to touch the appropriate stake with at least one part of their body (generally a foot or leg). However you could kneel or lie down and shoot if you wish!

Each 3D Target will have a set of scoring rings on it. Scoring is normally 12-10-8-5, meaning the smaller the circle, the higher the score. The innermost ring on Rhinehart targets is the 12 ring, encircled by the 10 ring, which is encompassed by the 8 ring. If you hit anywhere on the body, you score 5 points. Mackenzie targets are a little different. These two targets are made by different manufacturers. Mackenzie’s typically have two 12 rings on the top and bottom of the 10 ring. You have to call which 12 ring you are aiming for, if it is not stated when you start. This puts a nice spin on scoring and makes it more challenging. If an Arrow is touching the line the higher score is recorded.

Safety rules are strictly enforced to protect the league, course, spectators and archers. A few general safety rules that apply to any tournament include never pointing the bow at another person, never shooting the arrow straight into the air and never shooting the arrow in a direction other than the intended target. Stay on the trail while walking between stations and avoid going into flagged-off areas.

If I were to compare it to any sport, I would have to choose golf. In Golf you generally need to know of far the hole is to choose the right club. In 3D you have to guess the distance and shoot to get the highest score. As in golf, if you guess the distance wrong you will probably not score as well. In golf the lowest score wins, in 3D the highest score wins. They also have similar rules and dress codes.

I know there are a lot of bow and arrows sitting in the bottom of closets, hiding under beds, and stored in garages and attics. And they are all just out there waiting to be shot. Dig out the gear, knock the dust and cobwebs off and get outdoors! Women especially. I am always in the minority when I shoot in these events. Men grab your wives and children and get moving. Have some fun. Get out and get some exercise walking between targets and pulling, releasing and scoring those arrows!!



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