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I enjoy hunting and fishing but I also just like being outside and among natures critters. I am by personality a watcher….an animal watcher, people watcher, an observer of character. I try and take things in and find ways to be inspired and make art out of my experiences. You can learn a lot about the animals you hunt simply by watching and well, not hunting them. I am an artist and have a very creative mind that finds a great amount of satisfaction taking pictures while outside on my adventures! Shooting animals with the camera instead of a gun or bow can be a lot of fun. I took a few collage photography courses but I am not a professional photographer by any means. I have had some very interesting encounters that have lead to neat photos.

When trying to shoot wildlife photos I found several of the same rules apply to hunting as to photography. If you want a good up close picture of an animal you have to remain unseen, unnoticed, and not winded. Need to play the wind when trying to seek up on wildlife for photos. I have snuck up close enough to grab a an armadillo on several occasions. Well they are kinda blind so that was an easy one to take pics of. I have ran across numerous cute baby critters, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I like to try and see animals in the clouds. What I haven’t figured out how to do yet is take pics of lightning, that is on the to do list! I love watching lightning and would love to figure out how to get it in a pic.

Another thing that helps in shooting wildlife pics is a good camera and zoom lens. It is also important to have a quiet camera. I have been busted by animals cause heard my shutter closing on the camera. I have actually found that camera phones are the quietists camera yet, but they have lousy zooms. Have not researched cameras all that much and I’m sure that there are all sorts of options these days for your outdoor photography needs. Any camera will do, you don’t need anything fancy. Get your Camo on grab your camera and go out on a photo safari! You might be surprised how much fun it is!

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  1. Bill Lucas

    Yes, I agree. I spent my turkey season with my camera taking pictures of birds, deer and turkeys. No, it didn’t prevent me from getting my tag filled. I shot a 20lb. bird with a 10 inch beard on day 5. I got lots of pictures, but what can really help is that a digital camera records the time the picture was taken. I can now plot some of the turkey movement for next year on a map of our hunting property. I also took a picture of 4 does. From my first picture of them to my last picture, 100 minutes went by. In that time, the does had only walked 100 yards through the woods. Something to remember about being patient in the woods.

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