Smokey’s Deer Call/Grunt – Product Review

Smokey’s Deer Call/Grunt Review by: April Cole 06/15/13
I have not used this call in the field yet, as deer season is a few months away.
I am reviewing this grunt call based on the sound quality, design, ease of use, and how it compares to other calls.

Sound Quality
After several hours of calling, blowing, dissecting, and playing with reeds, I must admit, this call, by far, is my favorite and most realistic sounding. I compared it with 3 other calls manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry. It truly replicates the deep, resonating growl that is made by bucks and is very loud. The call transitions through multiple tones, from the deep, rich tone of a trophy buck to the higher pitch tone of a young doe bleat; they can all be done effectively on this call.

The design was well thought out and was kept as simple as possible, without sacrificing functionality or performance. It can be easily disassembled for care and cleaning in a matter of seconds and then put back together just as fast. Likewise, if the hunter needs to change the adjustment on the reed from a mature buck to a doe it can be done both quickly and quietly.

It is constructed from a light wood to prevent accidental sounds when bumped against your stand or when brushing against your clothing. It has a flex tube that extends from roughly 3” to 8”. As with most calls, each inch that you extend it, the tone deepens. The call has great tune-ability with the adjustable o-ring on the reed.
Ease of use

This call is actually very comfortable. It is small and light weighing on 1.5oz. It takes only a minimal amount of air to make the call work. At first, I was blowing too hard, out of habit of using my old grunt, and no sound was coming out. When I backed off a little, I realized it took absolutely no effort at all to achieve a perfect sounding grunt. This call will not put you out of breath.

It can be worn around the neck by its lanyard or easily stored in the pocket of a safety vest or even a cargo pocket in your pants. As a call, it can be quickly adjusted for multiple call tones or for care and cleaning. Not overly complex at all.
How it compares
The call does not resonate a plastic sound like some calls tend to do. The sounds that resonate from the sound chamber, even though it is plastic, are amazingly rich and realistic.

Another great feature is that, even after several hours of constant blowing, no moisture built up on the reeds. This is a huge deal, because lots of other calls have a problem with moisture building up and the reeds sticking. You have to take it apart usually to clean it or dry it out. I took this test one step further by pouring water down the tube, just to check its reliability. Needless to say, I was pretty astonished when I blew and a perfect sound still came out.

I also want to point out the durability of this grunt. I put it through the paces while testing and it never stopped performing. My 4 year old son has played with it, thrown it, left it out in the rain, and ran his bike over it. It is very durable and stands up to the worthy title of “Smokey’s”.

Overall, I will not hesitate to recommend this call to fellow friends and hunters. It is an extremely easy to use call, that produces rich, realistic tones, and is the most durable and reliable call I’ve ever used. A highly mentionable attribute is that is made right here, in the great United States of America. Top-notch product! Smokey’s is hands down the best call I have ever blown!

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