Stuck in the Mud – A Duck Hunting Romance Story

I still remember this day like it was yesterday, and probably won’t ever forget it. It was only my second time out hunting with my boyfriend who at the time wasn’t my boyfriend. He has been hunting since he was 13, so he definitely has a leg up on me with experience and such. But when he asked if I wanted to go out duck hunting I couldn’t turn it down. It was early December, no snow in Rhode island yet, but it was pretty cold. He had brought me down to one of his spots he’s been hunting for years. Its a marshy area, with some coverage so we could sit next to the decoys without a blind. All I wanted to do was impress him, show him I could keep up. We used the canoe to set up the decoys in the water. Once we were done, we paddled back to land, and as I was going to get out I managed to step on the only area that was mud.

Lots of mud, and if you have ever duck hunted near salt water, you know the smell of a Marsh. Its not too pleasant. So now here I am, thigh deep in the stinkiest mud ever, while the guy I’m trying to impress is laughing hysterically at me. I was definitely embarrassed. He ended up shooting a nice mallard that day. I also thought after that day he was never going to call me again, but he did. And here we are, in a relationship now. The cutest hunting couple ever.

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