Summer Fishing in North Dakota

When I was young I grew up fishing with my grandfather. After getting into high school I really never had time with how busy I was. I veered away from fishing for a long time, finally this summer I got back into it. I bought a rod, got some friends into it, and went out as much as I could.

Most of my friends would take out their boats on the weekends and I would always be able to find a way to get out there with them. I was such a relaxing time on the water. We would be busy all morning reeling in what we could. The afternoon was usually our time to relax on the water, or to go back and grab a quick bite to eat. The evening was in my opinion the BEST time to fish here.

The water we fished in was rather deep, so we had to go over little “islands” in the water, where it would shallow up. The fishermen who did this often knew exactly where these fish havens were, and it made it easier for us to spot out the large convoy of boats, then to test out each shallow area. The best part about fishing here was not only the crazy amount of fish we were catching, but how much support you got from the other people on the water. People would reel in fish left and right, and “nice catch”was thrown to each and every one who caught something. The support system right there on the water made a person feel so welcomed. It got me addicted to fishing, and I honestly can’t wait to get out there again this summer.

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