The Ethical Debate

The killing of wild animals for food is one of the most controversial topics today. Society has changed their attitudes towards animals, and how they view their rights. Leaving society to question, is hunting morally ethical?
In early America hunting used to be the only means for providing meat for your family. Now days Americans rely on their local grocery store, where their meat is already prepackaged for their convenience. Never giving any thought to the process in which the animal went through to make it home and in the freezer.
Did you know that nearly 9 billion animals are slaughtered in the U.S. each year? This includes 150 million cattle, bison, sheep, hogs, and goats. 8.9 billion chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Slaughtering animals on a large scale poses significant problems and public health requirements.
As an avid hunter myself, I believe that hunting for wild game is far more ethical and a healthier option for my family. I’m fully aware of the meat process from the harvest, dressing, and to the dinner table. Knowing that the animal was naturally fed is peace of mind for me.
If we as hunters no longer practiced our rights, deer population would immensely sky rocket. Leaving deer to expire due to starvation and many health related issues. Conservation and herd management are two of my biggest concerns when it comes to choosing which deer I harvest. Like any hunter, I dream of that once in a lifetime deer to walk out in front of me. However, my main goal is to harvest a mature deer.
In conclusion, not only do I believe that hunting is ethical, I feel it is a necessary life skill. One that I hope to pass on to my children, and many generations to come.

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