The Fish that Changed My Life

This picture is a memory that I will NEVER forget because this beautiful summer day changed my life forever. I was fishing with my friends from my hometown at a camp pond. I usually fish this spot a lot in the summer and land a couple nice bass and that’s usually all.

I was standing on the bank just fishing with a dead shiner, hoping a nice bass would steal my bait. A minute goes by and all of the sudden my rod almost completely flies out of my hands. At the time I was just starting to learn the basics of fishing and I had no clue what to do. My friend Vaughn was standing across the pond watching this all take place. He is a wonderful fisherman and knew exactly what to do. He kept screaming “OMG Set your Drag! Set your Drag!”

I had no idea what “DRAG” even was. So he came running over faster than a track star and set my drag. AFter this I finally learned what “DRAG” was on a fishing reel. 🙂

After many long minutes of fighting this beast fish on my line we finally got it to shore. We were all in shock at what I had reeled in. The pond has been fished for many years and no one had any idea that this HUGE monster was lurking in it! After I reeled the fish in and took pictures with it, we safely released it back into the water. After I caught this fish something in me changed forever.

All I ever wanted to do was fish. Fish. Fish. Fish all the time. As I grew a greater love for fishing I continued to catch some great fish I became very passionate about it, and I knew that fishing was definitely something I could never stop doing. Without the help of my friends, I never would have landed the fish that changed my life forever. So fro that, I thank you all so much!

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