The Gobble Got Me

This past March I finally had the opportunity to go on a turkey hunt. Everywhere I have hunted in the past I was never blessed with the benefit of turkey hunting. I have always been fascinated with them and wanted to see one up close after being harvested, so I was excited to finally get to go! I spent some time doing research to refresh my memory of what little I did know about turkeys and learning as much new information as possible. I received great tips from our fans and followers (thank you) and a few friends even provided their insight.

I was excited to get my decoys and practice with the calls I already had as well as try some new ones. I failed miserably at mouth calls so I knew I wouldn’t be using those! This turkey hunt was going to be a bow hunt only so I was practicing every day I could; I knew the vitals on a turkey were pretty small and I didn’t want to miss! I even watched online videos that challenged me to ‘pick my spot’ where I would shoot just to get my confidence up. There was so much excitement building on this hunt, especially with everyone still awaiting their Spring Turkey season to start; I was in Texas and it was one of the first seasons to open for Rio Grande Turkey.

I didn’t have much time to scout the area we would be hunting and I knew ahead of time this was a problem. One of the biggest tips I got was scouting and finding their roost. I was behind the eight ball starting out but I was still going to give it a shot. I picked a few prime spots near large trees, water, fields, etc and set up some ground blinds. The first evening hunt when I hit that call and heard a tom gobble back sent chills down my spine. I had heard turkey gobbles before but not while hunting them or paying much attention, usually just in passing while hunting something else. This gobble, this response, was different. I had finally felt what I had heard so much about! The addiction and passion for turkey hunting filled my soul! Yes, the Gobble Got Me! I was hooked.

Unfortunately, I never had a tom come in close enough for a shot but every hunt there I was, face painted, completely blacked out in my ground blind, decoys set, call in hand, ready and on edge. I have always used my hearing while hunting but I could feel myself leaning into every gobble in the distance, nearly falling out of my chair; trying to find out if they were coming closer, listening for the hens cadence to mimic, trying not to move but still trying to see if I was missing anything around me! The anticipation was unlike any other.

Aside from the ground blind hunts, my husband and I would get out and do some ‘running and gunning’ (but with a bow haha). Late mornings were great to get out and move around because the toms were still moving. We would walk with decoys, ground blinds, calls, and my bow; stop and call, wait for a response and set up. It was a pretty aggressive technique but we were limited on how many days the hunt was forcing us to step it up and try to make something happen. Again, I was unsuccessful at a harvest but successful in my hunt. One of the other hunters did harvest a turkey and I was able to examine the amazing features up close. The detailed feathers, spurs, colors, toes, eyes, and everything about him was an overload on the sensory factory! I loved it!

I know there are a lot of turkey hunters out there who have been ‘got by the gobble’ and now I can say I have too. I may not have harvested one but the experience was unlike any other. Rattling up a buck and having him respond is awesome, but now that I know calling in a big ol thunder chicken has such an amazing effect, I am hooked. Yes, the Gobble Got Me!!!

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3 comments on “The Gobble Got Me

  1. Steve

    Nice read!! I remember the first gobble I heard while “in blind”,
    totally know what you felt. What a rush! Can’t wait to get that again!!! Keep em coming!!

  2. Awesome blog! I am heading out this sat for my first hunting experience in over 10 years, and first turkey hunt ever. Wish me luck!

  3. Candace

    Thanks Steve! Cant wait to get on another Turkey Hunt! Gobble Gobble!

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