The Importance of a Good Safety Harness

For many years when I hunted, I would limit myself to hunting on the ground only. I hunted out of box blinds and ground blinds. I would never consider the option of climbing due to an extreme fear of heights.
When my love of bow hunting began to grow I realized I was really cutting myself short of getting a great deer opportunity on a deer. I started climbing with the basic safety harness that was included in the box of my treestand. Still, I was nervous and uncomfortable while hunting. I knew that if I didn’t feel completely confident in my equipment, I most likely wouldn’t feel comfortable to pull off a great shot with my bow.
This led me to the Hunter’s Safety System Lady Pro Series Harness. It adjusts very easily to fit me securely. I also use the recommended Lifeline so that I am attached to the tree from the moment I begin to climb until the time my feet are planted safely on the ground. Treestand hunting with the proper equipment made all of the difference for me.
Each year I hear tragic stories of falls from the treestand. Most of the time, it was just “that one time” they forgot their harness back at the truck, and thought it would be okay. I’ve even heard the excuse that the harness gets in the way of moving freely. With the designs of the current vests today, they are actually very comfortable with many useful compartments, and are very lightweight.
There are so many safety aspects to consider while hunting. If you choose to hunt from a treestand your safety harness is number one!

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