The Mom Behind The Camo (Deanna’s Corner)

“Who’s hitting?” “Who wrote on that?” “Please take the dogs out.” “Who’s homework does the baby have?” I can see your facial expression if you were outside our home any night of the week…but then the weekend rolls around.

I am DeAnna Hightower. I am a mother of 4 daughters, a wife, a full time employee, a member of the NWTF, a huntress and look forward to being your inspiration!

I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, and moved to Georgia 6 years ago. The first year my husband and I were together through deer season I didn’t understand. I knew he had hunted since he was 3, this is what he loved. I knew he wasn’t as stressed with everyday life after being in the woods, and I also knew I could expect he wouldn’t be home much.

The second year I did develope an interest. Unfortunately, the camp he was hunting at had this insane rule women couldn’t stay the night. I am not sure how that would of affected hunting, or if the other men just needed an excuse to go alone, but needless to say we didn’t go there often!

As of a few years ago our weekend now consist of making our drive to South Georgia. In Johnson County, our family including our daughters hunt, at a family oriented camp, fish, bbq, and spend time on the Oconee River.

The fun has been getting to this point and it’s just getting started!

Those of you who didn’t grow up hunting and maybe some who have I am sure can relate! You decide your interested and want to get involved, you only have your husbands camo! You can’t find form fitting, comfortable, women’s style hunting gear! Hang tight, I’ve found some!

Now your ready to do your shopping, that’s going to be part of the fun, right? You get to the store and the associate immediately asks your husband if he needs assistance? “No, I’m the shopper and yes with his guidance I’ll decide what I would like.” Then you find the firearm you want, for whatever reason at that time, and it seems as though the associate is trying to talk you out of it. They seem to think you walked in on a whim, you haven’t done any research or even discussed this idea out loud before you walked in and started selecting items… I know one thing as a mother of 4 girls I am organized and do my research!

My 3 oldest daughters also share this passion and although this may cause additional stares or whispers in stores (my toddler is pretty loud) and friends may not understand, they are beginning to show their love for outdoors and hunting also!

It’s taken me 3 years, but this year I have finally met some like-minded women and mothers who share my love and passion for the outdoors. The Babes, Bullets, & Broadheads organization is The Sisterhood of the Outdoors! This group is made up of women all over the US and put together many opportunities for women to hunt and meet others.

I also became a hunt staff with Prois Outdoor & Field Apparel for Women. Not only as a company is everyone genuine and helpful their products are truly for women. They are comfortable, form fitting and perfect for any weather. It’s so nice not to feel like a slob heading out to the stand. 😉 I’ve already made some great friends that I look forward to pursing this journey with!…

That’s just it… This is a journey!

Move over men!!!

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