The Times of Technology

I don’t know about you, but I am DEFINITELY grateful for the technology of today. This is definitely relevant to my hunting life. I can’t tell you how many times that phone has come in handy, be it for pics, texts, or other apps on my I-Phone.
There’s many times my cell phones have come into play. Sometimes they are just purely convenient for the fun or social apps that can occupy your waiting time while hunting. Other times they can save lives or bring help. I know for us they fortunately haven’t had to save any lives, but they have brought help! When I was 7 months pregnant with my now 2 year old, Tuckyr, I got a flat way up in the hills, at the back of the property. Ugh! There’s no crawling under vehicles when you’re pregnant, at least not unless it was my last resort. Don’t get me wrong, I can change about any flat there is, but unless you can easily get up and down with that extra “few” pounds, like stuffing 3 pillows under your shirt all balled up, you don’t want to try it! On top of the discomfort, it’s totally not safe!
Other times the phones have come into play is when we were hunting for the group of hogs we knew were in the area. I could text Kevin, who was at the back of the property, and he could text me, and we were actually able to guide each other within striking distance of the hogs in a draw. That was awesome teamwork! It also made it safer for us because nobody was going to shoot in the wrong direction of another hunter.
If you’re like me, you’re a picture nut, especially when hunting. I LOVE nature pics, and pics of myself or my husband and kids, outside. It’s so convenient and easy to whip that phone out and snap whatever you want, video or pics, and you can even post them to your facebook page immediately, before even getting home! How awesome!
I also find my GPS apps on my phone and mapping apps awesome to play with at the ranch. They’ve guided us on many trips and unmarked roads on other hunting trips as well. If you’re like me, when we hunt New Mexico or Colorado, I don’t go anywhere without a GPS. Then when you get home, you can use your GPS data to pinpoint and mark locations on your own maps or software. Some data on the phones also has lunar information that’s very useful to hunters to narrow down game movement times on all days on a calendar. This is a VERY cool use!
Let us know what apps work for you, or how you use your phones and technology in and out of the field!

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