The Unknown Effect

We live our lives day to day and try to do what we love and ensure happiness for ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us. Most of us never really think about how much one little action affects others who we may not even know or how far reaching something we say or do will make it and the lasting impact it might have on someone. I may not always think about this in my normal daily activitie but when I go into the field I always try to think about how one action will affect me, those hunting with me, the land, the animals, the future of the animals and anyone who might be hunting that area after me. Every step I take in the field could cause a chain reaction for something else.


It’s simple really; treat the land how you would want others to treat it for you. Don’t destroy unnecessary wildlife, don’t leave trash behind, respect the animals and always try to leave it better than you found it. I know that those who hunt public land really strive for this and those who hunt on leases hope that those before them have left the land in adequate condition. Enjoy the beauty and sometimes harsh personality of nature, but don’t destroy it.


Now this blog isn’t really about respecting the land, it’s about the unknown effect we as hunters have on others. I recently received a beautiful message from someone who has been supportive of Queens of Camo, myself, and all the other ladies but I would have never know this person and their family from any of the others if I hadn’t received a direct message. Out of respect for them I won’t divulge the details of the message but they basically told me of some unfortunate circumstances in their lives and they are excited to see women in the field and enjoying the outdoors and it brings peace to them. I was blown away by their words and they may never know how much it meant to me.


I was humbled that someone would share such a personal piece of their lives with me and how through my everyday actions and sharing my passion for hunting has engaged them in the vision of Queens of Camo. They are excited to see what we are doing and hungry for more. They are sharing our Facebook, web page, posts, videos, and pictures with everyone they know and it is helping support their memories in a positive way. There are truly no words to describe how genuine and awe inspiring this is to me. I only hope we can live up to their expectations and continue to provide what they need.


This got me thinking about the unknown effect that myself, Queens of Camo, and other hunters in general have on those in our circles; people we know or don’t know at all; close friends and strangers; old and young; male and female; supporters and even non-supporters. We have a voice and our passion reaches further than we know. It makes me think about how many more people out there are touched by what we are doing in more than just a hunting aspect? How many little girls are looking up to ladies in hunting and striving to be like her? How many mothers and fathers are excited to see their daughters show interest in hunting and the outdoors? It’s heartwarming just to think about.


So thank you to that specific family who sent me that gracious message and for making me stop in my tracks and take a moment and think. It helps solidify that what we are doing is right and our vision is spot on for taking things to the next level. So for everyone out there, in everything you do, try to remember there may be an unknown effect you are having on someone else that you may never know. Hunt with respect and respect the hunt.

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