Through a Child’s Eyes

Why is the hunting heritage again so important to me? That’s because I’ve seen it through a child’s eyes. I’ve seen it firsthand, through my own childhood, through my brothers’ and cousins’, and now through my son’s. Not much can explain the true feeling that’s experienced when you’re out among nature like the excitement in a trembling child’s voice, or the shudder of the thrill of hearing, seeing, and interacting with animals that close. If you’ve ever experienced them cry over such a moment, then you have truly lived within that moment. I have cried at the same time just because of the feeling of accomplishment that I felt for introducing them to this moment. I’ve cried, as well, when I’ve experienced these amazing moments myself.

As a small child, I anticipated my Oma coming to pick me up to go to the country. I can’t say patiently, because it was by far not patiently. I gazed out the window for the glimpse of her truck coming around the corner so I could run out, not to waste anymore time, which seemed far too limited as it was. I yearned for the adventures we would experience that day, never knowing fully what they would encompass. Then, I was never disappointed, as I experienced everything from brush and cedar clipping, cactus cutting, fishing, to hunting, sometimes all in one day!

I remember fondly what it smelled like, looked like, and felt like to sit next to Oma in that old log blind. Once my brother and I got too big to share a blind with Oma, we made a duplex, one log blind sharing one common middle wall with another log blind for more room. I remember the scent of cedar from the cleaned logs that we used. Then, the smell of the cough drops (because you know you can’t make noises such as that when you’re hunting)! I remember the blankets and recycled plastic drink bottles of water that always accompanied us to the blind, and usually some yummy fresh baked cookies as a snack. I can still picture the tremendous outcropping of large granite rocks behind Oma’s blind, covered in and around by huge Cedar and Oak trees. The foliage created such a dark atmosphere, almost feeling totally cold and concealing. Most of all, I remember the over anticipated excitement and anxiety as the deer would appear, even before we knew a shot possibility was nearing.

These feelings came back to me because of last night’s hunting adventure with Holt, my 8 year old son, that made me think of my childhood hunting stories. We had some very close encounters with several deer that proved to be one of our most exciting hunts yet. There have been many times, however, that we thought we were on our best adventure “yet”! There was the time we rattled several mature bucks in, while fully camouflaged out, coming within 10 yards of us. Hair bristled up, grunting and snort wheezing, bowing up at each other, all literally in front of us. My favorite hunt with Holt has been the harvest of his first buck. The “tears of enjoyment,” as he called them, will always hold that special place in my heart. These, however, are stories for another time.


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  1. Nice blog, Jody G 🙂 Love ya!

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