Ticked off! Or on, rather…

I hate ticks! I’m traumatized after the last few months of 3d archery tournaments. I am in shock at
the number of ticks I have pulled off of me. One day, a two and a half hour shoot, produced 86
ticks. That’s just the amount I pulled off of me! That doesn’t include those people who were
shooting with me, who were pulling just as many or possibly more off of them.
Some were tiny seed ticks, while others were large and easily noticeable. I would venture to say
that we have attended around 28 tournaments or more in the last 3 months. This makes for a lot of
ticks being pulled and lots of tick bites. Add to that, the Oklahoma heat, humidity, and mosquitoes,
and you are in for a real hot mess.
My son and all the other target shooters were encountering the same problem I was. I had never
seen so many ticks in my life. I think it was due, in part, to the milder winter we had. Whatever it
was that was causing them to stir, and breed like crazy, I wanted it to stop.
I can handle snakes, mice, rats, etc., But NOT ticks! I have several scars now, some pretty large,
from those ticks burying in and biting me. After all of this, I think it is safe to say I will be investing
in a better brand of bug spray. From the massive number of bites we received, I am very thankful
that none of has wound up sick or worse.
Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 9.20.24 AM All of this has led me to do a little research on the topic. Here is some of the advice I found:
  • ●Tuck pants in my boots
  • ●Use the undergarment system called Bug Skinz –it will keep them off your legs and upper body
  • ●Game Hide called Elimi-Tick- this is a clothing line that has tick repellant built right into the
  • fabric
  • ●Alochol- spread it all over where the ticks are and then light it (I would use extreme caution!)
  • ●Use a spray that has Permethrin
  • ●Wear rubber boots
  • What are some of your recommendations for how to tick off pesky ticks while outdoors, and also
  • reduce the heebie-jeebies?

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