Trout Wrestler?

Ever have one of those fishing encounters where you land a monster and no one is around to see or help? I had been stream fishing a spot by a small waterfall a few times in a row with no major catches for a few trips. This particular trip proved to be quite successful and a giant flop, literally, at the same time. My husband was down stream out of sight and I was casting into the fall trying land one of the trout that lay in the big hole underneath. I was wading out into the middle of the stream and perched up on a mostly submerged rock with no net (huge mistake).

I got a hit with a decent trout, got him in, took a selfie holding it with my cellphone and released it back. The very next cast, BAM! My pole was going crazy! As I got the fish closer to my rock, all I saw was this brilliant flash of silver and red, this fish was humungous for stream fishing standards. I was so scared it was going to break free, and being netless was not a comforting feeling. I slid it onto the big slab of stone and freed the lure.

My hand couldn’t even go more than half way around it, it was angry and unmanageably large. I would easily say it was 22 inches or more. Undeniably, the largest trout I ever caught and a striking rainbow. My task now was to get this thing over to shore and get him away from the escape of the water to take a pic or hope my husband was close enough hear me shouting (I was cursing and screaming the whole time out of pure excitement and frustration haha). As soon as I took a step off the rock the water hit me and my giant fish started to flop like a maniac and I almost dropped him. I sacrificed my dry shorts to keep it in my hands.

By the time I was a few steps from shore, I was covered in fish slime from wrestling the whole way. I had one foot on dry land and was just a few steps from my camera the other foot in a big watery hole, not the most stable position. I figured by now the trout had to be tired and would have given up his fight. I was wrong, with one big strong wiggle, the trout was out maneuvering me. I was completely off balance and he fell into the shallows. I was cursing again at the top of my lungs like a trucker at this fish, and was happy no one was around to see the circus that was going on. I was chasing his floppy body across the edge of the stream and putting holds on him only seen in the ridiculous rings of WWF.

Eventually, the trout found his way to an escape route in the deeper water and I was left soaking wet, out of breath and slathered with a smelly coating of fish slime. The feeling of defeat was only doubled, when just as I regained my composure, my husband came into view with all our gear and a NET! At least I know I caught it….. here is a pic of my less impressive first catch.

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