Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Recently, while on a campaign for votes for me during my quest to become the next Extreme Huntress, my husband, a long time traditional bow hunter, took his plea to several forums that he frequented, one of which was a traditional archery forum. He posted my story, along with a picture of me with one of my recent archery kills. Never could either of us have imagined the uproar this act would stir up because, God forbid, I was posed with a compound bow on a traditional archery forum. Never mind the fact that my husband is the president of our local traditional archery club and that I do indeed shoot a traditional bow for 3D shoots. Instead of showing support for a fellow hunter, and an archer at that, several attacked us for daring to breach their domain. I was shocked and I must say a bit disappointed by the obvious prejudice against my chosen weapon. After all, we were all hunters. Aren’t we all on the same or at least similar page?


Unfortunately, these types of conflicts are common among hunters. Compound archers vs. traditional archers. Rifle vs. archery. Crossbow vs. archery. Muzzleloader vs. rifle. Stand vs. spot-and-stalk. Tree stand vs. ground blind. The list can go on and on. The proponents of each hunting method often believe their way is the best way and that any other method is subpar. But are we really that different from each other? We are all hunters, after all. Aren’t we all after the same basic thing…a clean, ethical kill and the enjoyment of the sport in which we all partake? Is the method or equipment used really so divisive?


Every hunter has his or her own reasons for choosing to hunt the way they do. For some, it is tradition and an age-old way of life. For others, it might be a decision based on physical limitations. The reasons are as varied as the hunters themselves. No one should have to justify or make excuses to other hunters for why they hunt as they do. It is a personal choice that each hunter must make for themselves.


As hunters, we need to be united and stand together. We are a small group compared to the non-hunting population. When we are divided within ourselves, we become even smaller. Anti-hunting groups are constantly looking for weaknesses that they can attack…divide and conquer. Their goal is to eliminate hunting altogether. They will do this by slowly whittling away at us. First, it may be hound hunting. Then, it may be hunting over bait. These things have already happened in some parts of the country. Eventually, piece by piece, they will take away the sport we love. They will take away our freedom to hunt.


So what can we do to keep this from happening? Remember that we are all on the same team. Even if you do not participate in a particular type of hunting, as long as that method is ethical, we need to show support and rally together as a united front. When one faction of our ranks gets attacked by anti-hunting groups, we must band together, show our support, and make our voices heard. We need to understand that if we don’t do this, sooner or later the anti-hunting groups will be targeting something near and dear to us personally. If we don’t stand together with every hunter, how can we be sure there will be anyone there to stand for us when we need it?





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8 comments on “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Candace

    Great stuff Thia; this was my exact thoughts when I wrote Don’t Hate, Congratulate, Lets Make-up & Build Your Wall, I have a Ladder…it seems to be happening more than I want to admit! Its crazy to think that hunters can’t support other hunters and stand together. Sorry to hear about your negative experience instead of receiving an uplifting of support. The best part though is I think that these non-supporters are far less than those who do support each other. Keep your spirits up and stand tall!!

    • Thia Anderson

      I totally agree, Candace. I think there are many more who are supportive rather than non-supportive. I personally have experienced much more positive support than negative and it warms my heart! No room for negativity in my life!!


  2. First off, welcome to Queens of Camo, i can tell already that im going to enjoy your entries just as much as i do the others.
    It is really a shame that others within the hunting community (as it is a community striving towards one common goal) find it necessary to voice their ego against either women in the sport or those who do it differently to them. It’s as if they cannot look past their own bubble of comfort and find acceptance for other preferred methods of harvest.
    We cannot let these individuals stand against us as a whole, we shall not fight them but teach them to accept that rifle/ recurve/ compound/ muzzle loader/ crossbow is only the means to an end. That no skill stands above another because we all strive and practise to reach the pinnacle of our abilities and stretch our limits.
    Stand as one or fall as individuals, there is no middle ground and we all need to see that.

  3. Welcome to Queens of Camo, I have enjoyed there post and glad that you hunt and I am sure you will enhance the Queens of Camo with your hunting skills. My family are hunters and we all have our way of hunting, but we all hunt and that is what is important, spending time in the outdoors. Congratlations and we look forward to your post.

    • Thia Anderson

      Hi Scott!

      Thank you for the welcome!! How great that you come from a family that all hunts and where everyone is supportive of each other, regardless of the methods they chose to use. Sounds like you all are focusing on what is truly important!


  4. Thia Anderson

    Hi Tyler!

    Thanks so much for the welcome and your kind words!! I hope you will continue to enjoy my blogs!!

    I completely agree with your comment. It is really too bad that there are those out there that can’t see that their attacks are divisive and destructive to hunting and that if it continues, we will all suffer the consequences. We all need to stand united!

    Thanks for your comment! I look forward to your thoughts on my other blogs!


  5. Lesa

    Jealousy & Envy…..I love hearing all types of hunting adventures. Makes do difference to me what ever the hunting style or weapon. Your gettin to do what you love. We are stronger in numbers. Stick together hunteres and huntresses.

  6. Thia

    Amen, Lesa!!!!!

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