Why Women, Why Now?

Queens of Camo has put me in contact with a much broader hunting industry and for that I am thankful; however there are still some skeptics out there who are either uneducated on why women belong in the hunting industry or are just afraid of change. The old saying of women belonging in the kitchen or at home raising children is long overdue for a change. Sure a woman should probably know how to cook, but why can’t it be to cook wild game that she harvested on her own? Sure a woman should be spending time raising her children, but why can’t it be outside, in the field, with the man, together, teaching morals and values and exploring the outdoors? Who said ‘raising children’ had to be indoors?

I bring this up to reiterate our passion at Queens of Camo and my passion as well. Introducing women to the outdoors is a necessity in today’s world. Women have an entirely different perspective on any topic and can bring their opinion to any situation; so why not the outdoors too? It breaks my heart when I tell other women that I hunt and love the outdoors and they think it’s barbaric or dirty or not ladylike. There are so many extremes of being outdoors that any female, no matter how ‘girly’ she might be, can enjoy something. From bird watching and mountain climbing to harvesting a big game animal, cleaning it, packing it out, and cooking it; there is something for every woman out there.

So why women and why now? I personally do not have children, but I know how I was raised and I see some of the behaviors of children that are unacceptable and growing into the majority. Not only do women need to feel empowered by the outdoors, but mothers have a massive influence on their children, some would say more than fathers at times. Their actions are imprinted on a child at such an early age when kids just want to be like their parents. Introducing children to the outdoors, especially from a mother or woman’s perspective is pure, wholesome, and necessary. Now is the time to start the movement of getting more children outdoors before it’s too late; before children only know of nature through a game on their smart phone, or that their food always comes from the nearest grocery store.

Women are changing the way the outdoor industry’s perspective and although slow at times, are adapting their products and services to a woman’s needs. Clothing, hunting weapons, safety harnesses, colors, unique products, and even entire hunting outfitters and expeditions are being affected dramatically by the drive of the woman; in a positive way too! Now is the time to create a surge, a movement, and a following to keep the momentum alive. Women in the outdoors will not only influence other women, but will greatly impact the younger generations to come.

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2 comments on “Why Women, Why Now?

  1. Tom Payton

    I agree Candace! I think a lot aid guys still have that macho attitude. Don’t want to be shown up by a woman. They have held on to hunting as that thing that they feel superior in. Certainly don’t want a woman to be better. I say for the health of hunting we need everyone. And anyone that can help bring youth in make and female , I’m all for it

  2. Candace

    Well said! and that is the goal of QOC to change that attitude and involve more women !

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