Woman Into Warrior!

Without stereotyping women let me say the average woman spends her day running around after children, busting their butt at work, coming home to make dinner, cleaning house, doing laundry, being the taxi driver from one after school activity to another, tending to elderly parents or grandparents, cleaning up after pets, and so much more! I may not have the first hand experience of all of that but I watched my mother become superwoman growing up.
For me my days of the week start at 4am waking up for work mixed with all the errands & chaos my life entails. Some weeks are mundane and routine, others never seem to end. I am always true to myself whether home, work, or in the field but something happens when I embark on a hunting trip or venture into the woods. Not only is it an escape from the chaos of the work week, the meetings, the reports, the heavy lifting, and dirty days, but it’s a mental refresher as well.
When I start washing the hunting laundry, packing the backpacks, charging the batteries for the hog lights, and making sure all of my equipment is ready to go, I can feel a spark inside of me that starts to grow. As we pack up the truck, load up the gator, and get on the road, that spark turns into a fire inside of me just waiting to get there. When I arrive and scout where we are hunting I am on fire. But there is something that happens when I put on my hunting gear, grab my bow, and paint my face with the beautiful make up of camo – this woman turns into a warrior and is unstoppable.
I become a warrior who is stronger than all of the criticism at work, the critiques of the world, and the heavy burdens of life; they are all slammed down as I walk tall with a sense of primal instinct that takes over. That fire burning inside for the outdoors is freeing and passionate and can convert the most girly girl into a bad ass. There are no pre-requisites for how you should look or what you should or shouldn’t be doing; it is your time in the woods with yourself and nature.
Every woman should experience this transformation and release; letting go, taking on an alter ego of a warrior and getting gritty with no excuses, no apologies and no judging. For the woman who only hears the stifling sound of everyday life, there is no moment greater than being outdoors away from it all. I beg every woman to escape the shell that contains them in their normal life and become a warrior of the woods. You will be surprised at the rush you will feel as you methodically streak your camo painted finger across your face, as you walk in stealth mode through the woods with weapon in hand, and encounter the raw emotion within yourself.

It is something that is so hard to describe in words, but it is a feeling that takes over your entire body and awakens a piece of pure intensity, adrenaline, and ferocity that is hidden in many women’s daily lives. Experience the magnitude and power of transforming from a woman into a warrior, embrace it and love it! I promise you won’t regret it!

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6 comments on “Woman Into Warrior!

  1. Jenn

    Love, love, love this! Thanks for putting it into words. I wish all women had the chance to experience it!

    • Candace

      So glad you enjoyed it Jenn! I really do transform when I get out into the woods, it takes over and makes you feel amazing! It is hard to describe in words but I try to make everyone “feel” what I do.

  2. Tom Payton

    That definitely describes you Candace ! Badass! Haha. Very cool!

  3. Jeannett Eiden

    Thank you for putting into words the passion that is the outdoors. Love it!

  4. Candace

    Your welcome Jeannett!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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