Woman: life giver/huntress

Perhaps one of the most common responses i get when people find out that i hunt is “how could you kill an animal?” or some variation of that. i would imagine that most hunters have also had this experience, i recently read an article about the dynamic relationship between a woman’s role as a “life giver” and a huntress.

I thought that this was a very interesting concept. i understand the seeming disconnect in that women “should be;” gentile, caring, compassionate and non-violent. And yet we hunt! Wile i understand the confusion i do not think it is based in reality. As a woman i do feel compassion, concern, and care but i also feel a sting connection to the earth and what it has to offer. i think that it is my ability to give life that enables me to appreciate hunting. i think i am more ethical and reverent and able to absorb the wild around me for being a woman.
Mother nature is just a name but it is a powerful and true one. i love being a woman in nature, it fills a part of my soul with life. without this connection to the wilderness i think i would have less life to give.
Iam not a mother yet but i hope to become one someday. i will share the spirit an life of the wilderness with my children. being a huntress is not about the black and white of life and death. it is about the experience and the enrichment of life. although death is a reality when hunting it is no without the appreciation for the life of the animal and the life of the wilderness.
Of anyone I believe that a woman is uniquely qualified to understand that.

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