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I recently had a booth set up to sale my art work and Pink Marlin clothing at a local event. It was a dinner for an event called Women in the Wild 2013 put on by T.OW.N. of Rockport Texas. I have booths at several fishing tournaments and festivals a year but this was my first one at this type event. The reason I am writing about this is because the Women in the Wild event was something that hit close to home and spoke to my heart and I wanted to share it with Queens of Camo fans.

T.O.W.N. stands for Texas Outdoor Women’s Network. T.O.W.N. groups were started in cities as a way for women to meet other women with a similar interest in outdoor recreation. There are several T.O.W.N. groups in cities all over Texas. They are like a ladies outdoor club. Becoming a member is a great, stress free way to involve yourself in the outdoors. The beauty of the group is that each one has members interested in a wide variety of activities. So if you are looking to find an outdoor hobby that fits you this is the place to sample a little of everything. There is no outdoor experience needed to join which is very appealing to some women who are looking to new experiences. Local T.O.W.N. groups hold monthly meetings and coordinate field trips in a variety of outdoor activities for its members.

The Women in the Wild is a two day seminar put on by T.O.W.N. of Rockport, TX with all sorts of hands on classes women can take. The event takes place over the last weekend in April with participants choosing four (4) hands-on classes for the weekend. Top-notch instructors and volunteers assist participants throughout the event. Women in the Wild mission statement is: To provide women who participate with a safe and fun environment in which to familiarize themselves with some of the many outdoor recreational opportunities in the Coastal Bend. Some of the classes that were offered this year were, Firearms, intro to Archery, Intermediate/Advanced Archery, Self Defense, Fly Fishing, Fishing-Basic, Fishing-Advanced, Kayaking, Boat Equipment & Operations, Geocaching, Game Processing, All Natural Landscaping, Intro to Dutch Oven, Advanced Dutch Oven, Nature Interaction, Outdoor Survival, and Arts- Crafts in the Outdoors. Lots of options that sound like lots of fun!

Needless to say I am a new member of T.O.W.N. and can’t wait for the meeting this May! I was so very glad I decided to do a booth at the dinner. It was like a huge Girl Scout meeting minus the cookie sales and the members were adults! I met some very interesting people at the dinner that had very common interests to me. It was neat to see all the women who were so excited about the outdoors. There were several Texas Game Wardens there, both men and women to help with the seminars. Women of the Wild was a place for women to connect make new friends and learn new things. It is awesome to see women supporting each others in the outdoors hunting, fishing, hiking, shooting guns, archery, and cooking. The mission statement and purpose of these groups are very similar to that of Queens of Camo! Women unit in their love for the outdoors and share their knowledge and experiences to help each other overcome obstacles and have fun doing so! I can’t think of a better place to make friends! Go lady hunters!

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