Your Soul is Alive

“If the sight of blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has the power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive” = Elenora Duse

I have found many quotes that speak to me and find the perfect words to explain my thoughts or feelings about the outdoors, hunting and fishing. I put them on Twitter and Facebook and I write them places at work to remind me of where I want to be. So many times I can get so engulfed and chaotic at work, but when I take a moment to read one of my favorite quotes, stop and breathe, I am taken back to where I want to be. It is those feelings I have when I am enjoying the outdoors that keep me going through the hustle and chaos of my every day work duties. If it weren’t for those memories I carry with me every day I know I would be more stressed than ever in life and work.

It saddens me however, to see people in their everyday lives, my neighbors, my coworkers, and certain friends who do not take the time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. They fight, they stress, they worry about some of the most unusual things and I know it’s all because of their perspective. I know if everyone would take at least one day from time to time and just get out outside, find a park to go and truly enjoy, find that ‘back road’ to drive down, find that special place where you only hear the birds chirping or the sound of water trickling, crashing, or gently lapping against the shore or bank, find that uninterrupted sky of stars and moon, find that place that cannot be bought; I know if everyone took the time to do this their perspective on life would change.

I know not everyone will enjoy hunting, fishing, or getting dirty outside, but these moments I speak of are free, accessible to nearly everyone, and are crucial to the next generation of children in this world. Even if it’s in your own back yard, big or small, at a city park, a neighbor’s garden or community botanical garden, there are opportunities everywhere. They inspire you to use their imagination but also to free your mind at the same time.

Unfortunately many people will not find it on their own if they have never had it in their circle of friends and family…so this outdoor movement requires those of us in the outdoor community to reach out and bring people along with us or introduce them to this feeling and lifestyle. Speak positively about the feelings you get and invite someone along with you to enjoy what we all know and love!

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4 comments on “Your Soul is Alive

  1. Tom Payton

    For sure Candace! Spent the day yesterday on that property that not able to hunt anymore. Although I wanted to be depressed about it, I chose to remember all the encounters I had at each stand location. It turned out to be a great day.

    • Candace

      That is definitely a bittersweet moment for sure, but like you said you will have all the memories from there and thats what is important! Glad it was a great weekend!

  2. scott

    Good post Candace, I will send you a message in a few days about something I wrote about 4 years ago in my journal what the outdoors mean to me.

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