The Girl in Camo Needs More Ammo

This girl in Camo needs more Ammo, and I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Ammunition is next to impossible to get your hands on these days and when you do the prices are outrageous! This is a problem that is frustrating to not only hunters but also gun enthusiasts and people […]

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But Wait, There’s More

Sometimes when I go on a hunting or fishing adventure I get more out of it than expected and this is almost always a good thing. The best part of any outdoor adventure is the unpredictability of it; no hunt or fishing trip will ever be exactly the same. You will rarely see the same […]

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Trophy Hunting

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have heard this comment: “It’s ok to hunt for meat, but trophy hunting is just wrong.” These statements have come from both the anti-hunting side and from other hunters. Many believe the practice of trophy hunting is unethical and morally wrong. It remains a highly […]

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This is Why I Do What I Do

Today I did what I do most weekends: I headed for the great outdoors. Today’s mission: look for shed antlers and maybe a coyote or two. As I prepared to leave home, dark clouds filled the sky and the wind was blowing hard. However, the thought of staying home never crossed my mind. – As […]

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Recipe – Simply Southern Venison

There are so many ways to prepare venison but one of the simplest ways is actually my favorite way to eat it. It only requires a few ingredients but the end result is spectacular; I don’t claim it to be the healthiest way to eat venison, but it is one of most tasty and has […]

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Show Us Your Sticker Contest Photos

Ms. Jessica Abate and her daughter Ayla (and their friend Buddy the Red.)                           – Our friend Steve Wall and his 21 month daughter, Aria, on her way to becoming a future Queen of Camo! –               […]

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Field Dressing

The end of January I was helping a family friend with management deer on his ranch. I ended up harvesting a cull buck fairly early in the hunt. I was alone and out of phone range. I sat and patiently waited a good amount of time and then proceeded to go look for the buck […]

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Always Back it Up!

Being prepared is extremely important in the hunting field, and being prepared for almost anything, including equipment failure can make or break a hunt. I am pretty sure a hunter cannot be 100% prepared for every encounter they might face in the woods, but for those that you can potentially predict it’s important to have […]

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Outdoor Inspiration Leads to Conservation

There are a lot off things that I am passionate about in my life! I am driven both personally and professionally by my knowledge and experiences with the outdoors. Hunting and fishing just so happen to be two very influential things that I take part in for several different reasons. I have made some of […]

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In Hunting… And in Life… Patience is a Virtue

Every time I head into the field, there are new lessons to be learned. The most valuable lessons are often the ones I learn the hard way: by making mistakes. The fact is, every hunter, even the most seasoned, makes a mistake in judgment from time to time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is…well…mistaken. Mistakes help us grow and improve – as long as we learn from them! … Last November, while hunting Idaho whitetails during the rut, I had been sitting all day over a small bowl at the edge of the timber. Early in the day, a small group of does had moved through the bowl, but hours had passed with nothing more than a squirrel and a few birds presenting themselves. A cold front was moving in and I was starting to feel the chill. Daylight was starting to fade when I caught movement 200 yards off to my right. To my surprise, a nice buck was slowly working his way toward the timber below me. With the wind in my face, I knew he couldn’t smell me. However, as I raised my binoculars to get a closer look at him, he turned and looked straight at me. I froze as he looked my way, barely breathing or blinking until he started to move again. As he continued to work his way toward the timber I slowly moved myself into position for a shot. Every time I moved he looked in my direction. Each time I was sure he had busted me, and I expected him to turn tail and run any second. But to my surprise he continued on his path toward the trees. I finally was able to get set up for a shot and waited for him to step into a small gap in the thicket of short “Christmas trees” (Noble firs) in front of me. As soon as his front shoulder presented itself in the opening, I took my shot. I could tell by the way he jumped and spun around that he had been hit hard. And as I watched him run out of sight back in the direction he had come, I could see him slowing down, clearly not looking healthy. … Almost as soon as he was out of sight, I began to gather my things to go find him. Here is where I made my mistake. I have hunted with a rifle for years and all of the deer I have taken have … dropped within sight. I had never had to track a rifle-shot deer. With my archery kills, I knew I had to wait prior to tracking an arrow hit deer. However, in my excitement, I didn’t stop to think that I should do the same with this deer. Darkness was quickly approaching and I was eager to find him before it got too hard to see. Plus, again, I was just excited! I had put in many long days hunting for this deer…three years, in fact. This was my first Idaho whitetail buck and my anticipation got the best of me. … I quickly dropped down into the bowl to look for a blood trail. I found several drops of blood and some hair where he had been standing, followed by a sparse trail of drops. As I neared the spot where I had last seen the buck, I heard crashing in the brush nearby, which was a thick stand of small, closely packed fir trees. I could tell it was a deer and followed the sound of hooves and crashing brush as it raced away from me. At the time, I didn’t know if it was my deer or a different one. I continued to look for a blood trail, but was unable to find more spots near the sound of the crashing deer. … By this time my husband had worked his way over to me to help me find my buck. We searched the direction he had appeared to be heading, but neither of us could find any blood. Finally, I decided to go back into the trees where I had heard the crashing and look again. After a few minutes of wading through the dense mini forest, I came into a small opening in the trees and found a large pool of blood. It was obvious that my buck had lain down here just after he had disappeared from view. Given a few more minutes he surely would have died right there, but I had, in my haste, pushed him from this spot. I wanted to kick myself. It was a stupid mistake. … By now, it was completely dark and we continued our search by headlamp. Following the most likely paths the deer would have followed, we spread out in ever-widening circles, trying to locate even a minute spot of blood. After an hour of looking without success, and with a cold, drizzling rain starting to fall, we abandoned our search for the night with plans to return the next morning. I was sick! I hated the thought of leaving a potentially wounded deer in the […]

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