Sherri’s Corner – Red Pepper Mozza Backstrap Recipe

Ingredients: 1 backstrap ( I used one from my whitetail buck) 1 red pepper 1 yellow Pepper 1 brick of mozza cheese 1 lb of bacon To taste: Red chili pepper flakes, garlic salt pepper Have the backstrap fully thawed, Slice up the peppers and cut cheese into strips Make a slit in the back […]

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Kelly’s Story – Nocked and Hooked

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with nature and exploring the great outdoors. There was just always something inside me that was sparked by watching butterflies flit from flower to flower, or listening to the different songs birds sing, or even so simply as studying squirrels gather their food […]

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Erin’s Corner – The Pros and Cons of drawing a once in a lifetime tag

As I sit here and reflect on the whole year and my season, I cant believe how fast everything went. The day I checked my ALS status to see what I had drawn, the usual archery elk or archery antelope I would put in for is what I would see “successful”, this year was different. […]

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Queen Kaylyn’s Photo – Baby and Fawn

This all started when I was five. I went hunting for the first time only because my older cousin killed his first deer. So if he did it of course I had to do it too. My very first time hunting I killed a deer. Yea I know luck right, well it all started right […]

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Meet Queen Nikki – East Tennessee Mother, Wife, Huntress

My name is Nikki and I’m from East Tennessee. I reside in the city of Maryville. I’m a mother of 2 spectacular young men and I work in a hospital lab when I’m not hunting. As a child up till now I’ve always been an adrenaline seeking adventurous outdoor type of lady. I enjoy rifle […]

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The First Saturday

Here in Pennsylvania, Doe Season starts on the first Saturday, after a week of buck hunting. For most people, that first day of buck is the most anticipated, hoping to get that old deer with a big rack, just praying a wall-hanger comes your way. But this isn’t the case for our family! We cannot […]

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Amber’s Corner – The Adventure

My passion for the outdoors isn’t just a passion, for me hunting and being in the outdoors is my life. From the time that I was just a baby my parents and grandparents continuously had my brother any myself outside hunting, fishing or just enjoying nature. I am lucky enough to live in an area […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Opening Day for Whitetails

This past Saturday, September 26 was the opening day of archery season for whitetail in Ohio. The days leading up to its arrival were filled with anxiety and busyness. I was taken back to my childhood as I suddenly began to feel like a 4 year old awaiting the arrival of Santa. I told myself, […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Argentina Blackbuck

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about my axis deer hunt in Argentina, so this story has the same setting, only this one tells about my search for a blackbuck antelope which began on day 3 of our hunt. Our morning started out much like the previous two did, and after breakfast we headed […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Dwindling Herds or Dwindling Responsibility?

I have not been hunting as long as a lot of people, so I know I have not seen it all or done it all when it comes to hunting, nor do I know it all, but I have noticed in the 7 years that I have been hunting that in the areas I hunt […]

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