Recipe – Venison Pasties

When I was growing up, my dad’s favorite meal was pasties. Nearly every birthday or special occasion, this would be his meal request. Today, I don’t fix them often, but when I do, they are always a hit. – Pasties are small, dishless pies that are filled with meats and vegetables. They are sometimes called […]

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Recipe – Scrumptious Shredded Elk Sandwiches

Well, my stomach was growling and I was craving something tasty today, so I decided it was time to post another yummy recipe. As I type this out, my mouth is watering and I can almost smell the aromas coming from my kitchen! – I love easy recipes and nothing gets easier than a recipe […]

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Recipe – Venison Lettuce Wraps

Venison Lettuce Wraps – When it comes to cooking I always like to take a basic recipe and change things to either make it spicier, more flavorful, or healthier. Everyone has made soft or crispy tacos and has probably used the normal ground beef or venison, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato etc but I make them […]

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Bear Sausage Recipe – Great for Biscuits and Gravy

My husband and I have been lucky enough to harvest two large bears over the past few years. Our favorite thing to make from bear meat is ground sausage that we love to use for biscuits and gravy. We have also used bear sausage in spaghetti, as pizza topping, and in many recipes that call for hamburger. – The secret to great tasting bear meat is to trim away all fat and sinew. This is a recipe for a seasoning blend to make a delicious sausage and can be made with bear meat, venison, elk, or pork. – Enjoy! – Per pound of meat: ¼ lb. pork fat 1 tsp. salt ½ tsp. dried parsley ¼ tsp. rubbed sage ¼ tsp. ground black pepper ¼ tsp. dried thyme ¼ tsp. crushed red pepper ¼ tsp. coriander – Run meat through grinder to desired consistency. Mix pork fat evenly. In a bowl, combine salt, parsley, sage, pepper, thyme, red pepper, and coriander. Sprinkle evenly over ground meat mixture and mix with hands to distribute evenly throughout. – It is important to note that bear meat can carry the trichinosis parasite also once found in raw pork; therefore it must be cooked thoroughly in order to kill it.

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Dove Hunting a South Texas Tradition with a Good Recipe

Almost everyone I know from South Texas has been dove hunting even if they weren’t the ones shooting. It’s a very social kind of hunting, or at least I have experienced it to be. I can remember at an early age going with my father and uncles to go sit in grandmas grain fields to […]

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Recipe – Venison Mincement

I admit it…I love sweets. Dessert is my favorite food group! So with a freezer full of venison, it is only natural that I would want to find a way to use it in some kind of tasty sweet treat. This recipe for venison mincemeat makes 4 quarts of filling. Although mincemeat is usually thought […]

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Recipe – Simply Southern Venison

There are so many ways to prepare venison but one of the simplest ways is actually my favorite way to eat it. It only requires a few ingredients but the end result is spectacular; I don’t claim it to be the healthiest way to eat venison, but it is one of most tasty and has […]

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