Mushroom and Turkey Season

Today I walked outside and got hit with several rain drops, I took a deep sniff of the fresh Spring air and thought to myself that smell can only mean 2 things. Mushroom and Turkey season is approaching! Last year was my first time going hunting for turkey’s, I wish I could say I ended […]

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The Buck I Thought I Missed

The Spring of 2013 I bought my very first bow, a Mathews Passion, I was in love. I spent the rest of my Spring, Summer and Fall days practicing. Due to being out of town I had to miss the first few days of opening season but when I got home my first priority was […]

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More than Decoration

  As fog lifted from the green field, a powerful gobble broke the silence of the crisp Spring morning. Moments later a separate gobble sounded across the river and then another. Multiple toms were near and the excitement was making it hard to sit still. Grinning from ear to ear I adjusted my face mask. […]

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Tips for Training a ‘Shed-Hunting’ Dog

Have you ever seen on the outdoor channel the guys talking about antler dog? If you don’t know what that is, antler dogs are dog that are trained to find antlers out in the woods. It can be an extremely fun hobby for you and your furry companion to start doing, and it’s also a great way […]

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Patience is the Key to Good Shed Hunting

Like many hunters, finding those gorgeous while tail sheds in between the season is something that I look forward to. I grab our 5 dogs, a walking stick, some water and other supplies, and head out into the woods to see what bone treasures I can find. Today was the first day of shed hunting for us. […]

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Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting and challenging hunts the woods have to offer. A new hunter can be quite successful hunting turkeys because it is inexpensive and doesn’t require much experience. In Missouri, Spring hunting season takes place during turkey mating season and male turkeys are vulnerable and vocal. Gobblers […]

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Back Country Native – Product Review

Before I start, I want to clear the air, that I am a sweatshirt lover! My husband and I live in a super old house that is often drafty in the wintertime, so I live in sweatshirts and sweatpants. I really enjoy a hoodie that is not only cute, but also super soft! I put […]

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Ladies, Join the Fun!

When I think back to my hunting roots it all began when I was a little girl. Being raised in the country, I spent the majority of my time outside covered in dirt. Through family traditions I was introduced to hunting and fishing by my father and grandfather. Hunting at an early age taught me […]

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Archery Targets

Archery Targets: Hit and Miss Archery products are constantly improving and advancing thanks to the speed and arrow penetration that today’s bows produce. The outdoor market provides numerous archery targets to accommodate longbow, crossbow, and compound bow needs. Shopping for an archery target can be time consuming due to the variety of 3D, block, and […]

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Late Season Hunting

Regardless of experience, any bowhunter knows the hottest action of the entire season occurs during the rut. Early October through November is packed with pre rut scrapes to full doe pursuit. Mature deer that were once in hiding during daylight hours can be seen traveling in open fields. No longer on their feeding and bedding […]

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