Deer Management: To Shoot or Not to Shoot

Have you ever been in a room full of people where a topic comes up and immediately blood pressures rise, tempers get flared, and forehead veins start bulging? Its topics like these that most tend to shy away from in fear of the reaction it may cause. For some, deer management is one of those topics. When […]

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So you want to be a bow huntress?

So you want to be a bow huntress? There is no hiding the fact that female hunters are increasing and taking the outdoor industry by storm. Between 2006 and 2011, the total number of female hunters increased by 25 percent according to National Geographic Daily Talk. Those numbers are continuing to climb. What was once a male dominated sport […]

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I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie

The only thing more delightful than a buck on the ground is the smile on the face of the huntress who put him there. During late bow season a remarkable whitetail buck made his first appearance on my father’s trail camera. After pictures of the rack showed a crab claw and split G3, the deer was named the “Split […]

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First Archery Deer Harvest

When I first decided that I wanted to try bow hunting, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had just started deer hunting altogether a year prior and was very inexperienced. I knew from shooting a buck with my rifle the year before that hunting was something I loved. My husband wanted to make […]

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Basic Guidelines to Waterfowl Hunting in the Field

About five years ago I really got into waterfowl hunting. A good friend of my dad’s had a crazy passion for it and had us curious about the process. He finally took my dad and I out on an early goose hunt, and we were addicted. Over the years (with plenty of trial and error) we have […]

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Processing Game

This past week we spent most of our time processing our game from this year’s hunting season. We get together with family and friends and do what we can to make the process fun. I feel like this is an important part of hunting. If you haven’t processed an animal before, or haven’t been around the procedure, I […]

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Summer Fishing in North Dakota

When I was young I grew up fishing with my grandfather. After getting into high school I really never had time with how busy I was. I veered away from fishing for a long time, finally this summer I got back into it. I bought a rod, got some friends into it, and went out as much […]

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One of My Worst Archery Hunting Mistakes

Last year about mid October, we started getting two fairly large Whitetail bucks on our game cameras. Seeing this big of deer, this close to my home, that early in the season got me really excited about the years archery season. It beyond doubt gave me motivation to spend more time researching the animals and their behaviors […]

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Introducing Children to Hunting

Nothing makes me happier than to hear my two year old son, River, say “Mama, I want to hunt with you.” Or my nine year old daughter, Brooklyn, ask to go sit with me and watch as I hunt. The fact that my children show interest, and are eager to learn is gratifying to both […]

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The Fish that Changed My Life

This picture is a memory that I will NEVER forget because this beautiful summer day changed my life forever. I was fishing with my friends from my hometown at a camp pond. I usually fish this spot a lot in the summer and land a couple nice bass and that’s usually all. I was standing […]

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