Tips for Trail Cameras

Once again, it’s time to get your trail cameras out and see what’s growing. Trail cameras are awesome to have when scouting out hunting spots. They provide so much information about each area. Have the fawns dropped yet? Did the big buck you were hunting last year survive? And how are his antlers shaping up […]

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Bass Baby Bass!

Growing up near the Texas Gulf coast & then living nearly right on it for the last 11 years, saltwater fishing was a staple for me. “Lets go fishing” was a nearly every weekend phrase that would result in hours on the water catching fish, taking in the sun, and spending time with great friends […]

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Tips for Taking Kids Hunting

The goal when taking your kids, grand kids, or any youth, is to try to make the trip fun, leaving those young hunters wanting more. We don’t want blow a chance at hooking a kid on hunting. We got the passion and we want to pass it on. It’s up to us. They are the […]

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Elk With Bitter Chocolate Bordeaux Sauce

Besides hunting TV shows, I love cooking shows. One of my favorites is Chopped, which is a cooking competition show that features chefs who are given baskets of mystery ingredients that often do not seem to go together. The chefs are tasked with using the ingredients to create a tasty, cohesive dish. One by one, […]

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Keeping Busy in the Off Season

As hunting season gets closer and we all start to prepare, I have been thinking about the things we do in the off season. I know there are people who lock up camp only to return the next season but for those of us who enjoy camp year round, the off season is a busy […]

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Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping with kids takes a lot of work, but it can be a pleasant experience. Safety is always the number one priority when camping, but when you bring children along, the significance of that credo increases exponentially. As you probably know, planning is the secret to successful camping. This requires thinking ahead. Be sure to […]

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First Time Feather Preserving

When I went out for my spring turkey this past season on the opening day, I didn’t have realistic hopes of bringing one home. However, I was lucky to take a great a bird out of the woods that day! I got the turkey home, did all the cleaning, plucking, and set aside the wings, […]

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What to Pack When Camping with Kids

While some people pack to the max, loading up with extravagant kitchen set-ups, gas grills, lounge chairs and aero-beds, a camping veteran like me recommends traveling a little lighter. You do not have to take the whole house with you, but you do want to be sure you are prepared. It may feel like you […]

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Game Mounts Meet Martha Stewart

I had been searching online and sporting good stores for weeks now trying to find a suitable mounting kit for turkey feathers that I would want to put on my wall. I’m kind of picky when it comes to what is worthy of a nail in my house. It took over a year before I […]

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What is the Right Age to Start Hunting?

As a child, going hunting with my dad was something I looked forward to with great anticipation. He had taken me out several times, just to tag along. I never got to partake in the actual shooting, I just got be a spectator. I remember going with him often. I remember envying my brothers because […]

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