Getting Started – Mentors

Many hunters get their start by following their families into the woods, often starting at an early age. This seems to hold especially true for men. It is not uncommon for Dad or Grandpa to take the boys out hunting, sometimes before they could barely walk. Thus, for many hunters, hunting was just something they […]

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Fishy Tales – Sense of Humor Required

It was a nice, warm June day. It was the weekend and we had lovely weather. No plans on the agenda, so what better thing to do than go fishing? Fishing is fun and enjoyable and great for family time, right? – So we loaded up the truck, packed an ice chest, and headed for […]

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Inner Savage

Dear Inner Savage, – I am woman. I am sometimes girly, sensitive, emotional, and passionate. I am never completely weak, forgotten or dependent. I stifle the inner beast during most days and present a polished and put together woman. I hold back the burning passion of the wild, untamed instincts that seek expulsion. I journey […]

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Crawdads and Killdeer Eggs

It’s no secret that I like to be outside. Whether I’m mowing the yard, in my stand, or just setting on the porch enjoying a glass of sweet ice tea, I find all these to bring a joy and peace that is surpassed by little. There is something so energizing and relaxing about being out […]

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Product Review – Klenz Towel

Klenz Towel: Product Review – The history behind the Klenz towel started in the 90’s when a U.S. Marine was searching for ways to keep clean while on patrol without access to any means of bathing. The answer that was developed became the Klenz Towel, an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, unscented, alcohol-free, residue-free cleaning solution on […]

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Gear Matters

Women’s Hunting Apparel, Because Gear Matters – Being a woman, and short, usually come with their fair share of trials when it comes to shopping for clothes. Frequently I find that clothes that fit me in the waist are way too long in the length. If they are the right size in length, usually they […]

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Product Review – Maddie Hayes Naturals

Maddie Hayes Naturals is a company that makes insect repellents and lip balms that were “inspired by one awesome dog, made for people.” Their dog Maddie Hayes survived a rough bout of tetanus and is a tough dog and inspiration to their company which is something I loved before even trying out their products. I […]

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Grizzly Cooler – Product Review

I received my pink Grizzly 16 quart cooler last week in the mail. I was excited as I opened it. Its color is very eye appealing and its design is very sleek. It arrived just in time as we were planning a fishing trip this weekend. – After using the cooler for a 12 hour […]

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Camo Conversion

So I have to admit up until this past year I have always used face nets when hunting. As a woman I was always afraid that the camo face paint would make my face break out or would be too hot or end up dripping down my face into a hot mess…Now I cannot live […]

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New Concerns as a Huntress with a Family

It is no secret that guns are a hot topic in politics and the media, but what about at playdates? i recently read an article on CNN about how parents should consult with other parents about guns in the home before allowing a playdate. So along with “what time?” “where do you live?” and “Susy […]

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