Have Some Fun, Shoot Your Gun!

There are many weekends where I can’t hunt or fish or I am at the ranch doing work for the next hunting season; these are the times I make sure I take a little extra time to have a little fun and shoot my guns. Although I mostly bow hunt, I still enjoy predator and […]

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When I am not Hunting…

Unfortunately I do not live on a ranch or farm or lease so I do not have easy access to hunting land; I usually have to drive anywhere from an hour to 7 hours to get to some of the places I can hunt. That being said it is not always easy on short weekends […]

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Girly Tomboy

Yes I am a self proclaimed Girly Tomboy! My favorite colors are Camo and turquoise! Which makes perfect sense cause I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and the water! I like to express my love for both the outdoors and the ocean with my clothing and accessories! I really try and find unique stuff but […]

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Corsican Ram Stalk

My recent trip to West Texas might be unsuccessful in some people’s eyes because I did not harvest anything, but as most hunters know, it’s not about the harvest; it’s about the adventure, the experience, the journey. I had the opportunity to see animals at close range I had never seen before and experience a […]

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Goddess of the Hunt

As far back as I can remember I have loved the outdoors, nature, and wildlife. As a child, my parents would take the family to our cabin retreat in the mountains, where I would spend hours on end fishing, exploring, swimming, panning for gold, and just soaking in everything surrounding this wilderness oasis, aptly named […]

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The Time is Now

Every year when bow season for whitetail comes around, women (and others) start asking me about getting into bow hunting; they want to buy a bow, learn how to shoot and go hunting. Of course I am enthusiastic about anyone who shows interest in this wonderful adventure, but it’s very difficult to pick up a […]

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3rd Time Wasn’t a Charm… It was a Squeal!

Well, the 3rd hunt with Holt at the same location for the big buck happened tonight. It wasn’t a charm, it was a squeal!!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take him because I’ve been pretty sick for a few days with bronchitis and upper respiratory infection, so his dad took him. … They arrived near […]

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Bucks – N – Black Gold

Living in Texas my whole life I am very familiar with the oilfield industry. Many friends and family work in the industry weather that be building the rigs, drilling for oil, pipelining, or trucking the product. The Oilfield industry even effects our fishing. Some of our best offshore fishing spots are rigs because the rigs […]

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Dear Wild West Texas

Dear Wild West Texas, … I have hunted the Heart of the Hill Country & the Soul of South Texas but only passed through your land out west. You have a personality all it’s own that has stood the time, ignores the progression of technology, and has touched a piece of my soul. You, Wild […]

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The Times of Technology

I don’t know about you, but I am DEFINITELY grateful for the technology of today. This is definitely relevant to my hunting life. I can’t tell you how many times that phone has come in handy, be it for pics, texts, or other apps on my I-Phone. … There’s many times my cell phones have […]

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