Through a Child’s Eyes

Why is the hunting heritage again so important to me? That’s because I’ve seen it through a child’s eyes. I’ve seen it firsthand, through my own childhood, through my brothers’ and cousins’, and now through my son’s. Not much can explain the true feeling that’s experienced when you’re out among nature like the excitement in […]

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Jody’s New 10-point Buck Photos

Congratulations to Jody for her first buck of the 2012 Fall Season, a beautiful 10-point buck in the Hill Country of South Central Texas. If you are a female hunter and would like to share your harvest photos, feel free to email us through our contact page with links to your most recent hunting excursions.

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Why a show about Women Hunting?

I’ve always been around hunting. I mean it, always. … My folks dressed me up in Camo when I was a baby and my dad would opt for taking me up into a tree stand for turkeys or deer way before he would hand me off to a baby sitter. It was a surreal experience […]

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My Hunting Motto

I’ve always said hunting’s not a choice, but a heritage born within you. As I sit here, the night before the opening day of this 2012 season, I see this reflected in my night’s events once again. It’s clearly shown in all aspects of my life, […]

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The Aquarium Effect

As I sit in my ground blind looking out the window I am in love with the view. No reflection, no filter, no boundaries and it made me think. Do you ever wonder why children and adults have such positive experiences and intense joy when they visit aquariums, zoos, wildlife exhibits, or sea life amusement […]

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Jody’s Safety Tip: Proper Shot Placement

Proper shot placement is essential to effectively and humanely harvesting an animal. Be sure your shot is clear from any obstruction that may affect the trajectory of your arrow – branches, tree limbs, plants, fence posts, can all ricochet your shot and put you in danger. Additionally, a good harvest is one that clears the […]

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A huge thank you to the Team at Hugelland Ranch!

We could not say enough great things about the team and staff at Hugelland Ranch in Llano, TX for being so accommodating for our pilot production of Queens of Camo. Zane and his crew are truly some of the nicest folks you will ever meet and have bent over backwards with amenities to help our […]

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Prestigious Films Presents “Queens of Camo”

Prestigious Films, located in Wichita, has become a midwest leader in high-definition television and film production for the past decade. With programming on A&E, Discovery, NatGeo, CMT, MTV, VH1, TLC, The History Channel, and more – Prestigious Films has become the go-to production company for the central regions of the country. As the 2011 – […]

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