Finding Fred – Bear with Me on this Journey…

A family member of mine was out hitting up garage sales and came across an old book. She decided it was something I might want so she bought it and gave it to me. The book…The Archers Bible by Fred Bear copyright 1968. Of course with the instant gratification of the internet, E-readers, Nooks, etc […]

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Quack, Quack, Quack

Duck season is here and I am sooooooo ready! Unfortunately, I already missed early teal season this year. I have my fingers crossed for the second split though December 8th through January 27th. Luckily this is typically the best time for duck hunting in the Corpus Christi area. The 80 – 90 degree weather we […]

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Bow or Boom Stick?

An interesting debate on our Facebook page inspired me to write this blog (mostly because I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to in the ‘comment’ response). Now let me preface this blog by saying that there is no judgment on anyone who hunts with rifles only, this is just my opinion and experiences as to […]

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My Favorite Hunting Canvas

My favorite hunting canvas begins where the darkness ends when arriving to my tree-stand in the morning. The beginning canvas is black, no color yet as it is too dark to see anything around you without artificial lighting. You see through the aid of your ears at this point, by only what you can hear […]

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Don’t Hate… Congratulate!

My husband and I were talking the other day about the support or sometimes lack of support from hunters. Don’t get me wrong the majority of hunters speak highly of each other, support each other, and enjoy each other’s company regardless of their choices in hunting. With hunting season in full swing there are Facebook […]

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The Great PINK Debate

You see it all the time – the small areas of women’s hunting gear, apparel, and accessories smashed in a corner of your favorite retail store with just a few racks of clothing or a few choices of your needed gear. It’s slowly growing in inventory but the majority of what is out there has […]

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Candace’s Safety Tip: The Buddy System

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A HUGE thank you to HUGELLAND

There are so many reasons why I enjoy the outdoors. They range from bird watching, to taking photos of wildlife, hiking, hunting and fishing. I like to express my passion for outdoors in my art work, my home décor, my clothing, and even in cooking for my friends and family. Outside beats sitting indoors any […]

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Hunting Doesn’t Have a Face

Hunting doesn’t have a face, it doesn’t have a size or weight. Hunting does not have a race or religion. There is no bias or favoritism in hunting. Hunting does not have standards or personal agenda. Hunting does not favor one over the other. Hunting does not battle between sexual preferences or matters of politics. […]

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Don’t Come Up Short… or Long

August 2008 I made a trip to our local archery shop to purchase a bow and get set up with little knowledge of what to expect. I decide on the Mathews DXT. The staff measured my draw length using a recurve style bow with an arrow with measurements on it. 24 inches is the magic […]

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