Wild Game Recipe – Misty’s Peppered Maple Bacon Wrap Backstrap

Ingredients: 1- Backstrap 3- Minced Garlic Cloves 3- Large Minced Shallots 4oz- Worcestershire Sauce 2- Tablespoons of Brown Spice Mustard 1-Package of Peppered Maple Flavored Bacon. 2-Tablespoons of Olive Oil Instructions: Step 1: Lay the backstrap on a large cutting board slicing straight down the middle of the backstrap (lengthwise) cutting all the way through […]

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Morgan’s Corner – Just Breath

Let me ask you, what do you strive for, what do you work for every season, what drives you? Sometimes the answers to these questions get lost within our selves when you’re spending countless hours scouting, placing cameras, and trying to find where your next kill will be. Hunting is becoming more of a sport […]

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Kelly’s Corner – More Than Just Hunting…It’s A Tradition

Hunting, for many families is more like a holiday, a yearly tradition. It’s a time of gathering together with dads, mom, sons, daughters, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles, and although there are many common bonds between all of them, the one that has brought them all together during THIS particular time of year is “opening […]

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Kelly’s Corner – Practice, practice, practice

As bow season comes to a close here in southwest Missouri, I find myself already thinking and preparing for NEXT season. In our household, not only do we hunt as a family but we also practice as a family. Generally we get really excited thinking about preparing for the next go ‘round of hunting and […]

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Meet Dawn – Wisconsin mother, wife, huntress

Hi, my name is Dawn and I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I have 2 children both which are fully grown adults now. I have a love for the outdoors; my passions include hunting, fishing, and archery. My story is about the fall of 2015 my first bear hunt with the bow. I grew […]

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Wild Game Recipe – Jeana’s Bear Roast N Red Potatoes

Bear roast n red potatoes Bear roast Bag of baby carrots or carrots cut to size 1 small onion Red potatoes cut to size 1 cup v 8 juice 2 envelopes beefy onion cup of soup Salt Pepper 1 12 Oz beer Place roast in crockpot on high heat. Add 2 pouches of beefy onion […]

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Meet Queen Jessica – Arkansas Huntress, Wife, and Mother

My name is Jessica; I live in a small southern town in Arkansas. I am a wife, and a mother to two boys and one girl and a step-mother to three girls. I grew up in a hunting family, where some of my earliest memories are of my dad and I hunting and fishing. As […]

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Wild Game Recipe – Tara’s Wild Turkey & Dumplings

2 Wild Turkey Breasts 8 cups Turkey Broth (saved from cooking) 2 cups flour 2 Tbs. butter 1/2 tsp. baking powder salt to taste (I add and taste, etc) 1 C Milk First, boil your turkey breasts until done. Time will depend upon the size. I save 8 cups of the broth, then shred the […]

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Meet Queen Pamela

Hi My name is Pamela. I am 47 and began hunting around 10 yrs. ago with the help of my husband. I quickly became obsessed with it. Watching t.v. shows and reading up on things where ever I could to try and learn as much as I could about whitetail deer. I started out bow […]

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Meet Queen Renee

So let me give you a bit of a background on who I am…I am currently married with three kids & we live & breathe everything outdoors! We love to hunt, fish & just be outside-catching frogs, snakes-anything to get us outdoors while we can!! Growing up my whole family hunted, shortly after I took […]

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