Meet Queen Lacy – East Texas Outdoorswoman

My name is Lacy and I have been an avid outdoors woman all of my life. I grew up looking forward to the fall weekends at the deer lease in East Texas and fishing anywhere and everywhere. From Colorado brook trout to Gulf Coast reds my parents fostered within me a deep love of the […]

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Kelly’s Corner – Tips on Setting Up Your Game Camera for Attracting Mature Bucks

Trail cameras are a very popular tool in increasing your chances of getting a shot at a mature buck. They are also a lot of fun to use. Everyone I know that hunts has at least ONE game camera placed on their hunting grounds if not at least several. Trail/Game cameras have actually become as […]

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Tara’s Corner – Coon Hunting Southern Style

Nothing compares to the song of a Bluetick Coonhound. Here in north central, North Carolina, a lot of people hunt raccoons with Treeing Walker Hounds. At my house, we prefer Bluetick Coonhounds. My husband and I have always joked that they are for the less in shape coon hunters out there. Blueticks are a slower […]

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Misty’s Corner – Cedar Creek Fishing Tourney

I was fishing a tournament on Cedar Creek Lake up by Fort Worth last summer in June. It was a very busy weekend for the lake. There were family’s out tubing, boating, fishing. People out just enjoying their summer on the lake. There were also three different bass clubs fishing tournaments on the lake […]

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Misty’s Corner – When Fishing… Stay Alert

When hunting or fishing you should always stay alert to your surroundings. Remember we are the visitors in the outdoors, when you least expect it, your hunting or fishing trip can turn into a survival of the fittest. Don’t become the hunted while you’re trying to hunt. There are so many things to be […]

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Misty’s Corner – The Good Ole Trout Line

Have you ever run a trot line? It’s a lazy way of fishing for a good amount of fish. I have enjoyed many mornings and nights on the river or lake running trot lines. The most exciting was the night I caught a 56 pound monster catfish! Many people will tell you not to fish […]

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Erin’s Corner – A Turkey Release, You don’t want to Miss

A turkey release you don’t want to miss When my husband got the call to go pick up 125 turkeys to release here in Montana,we were pretty excited.The big perk of this is not only do the kids and I get to be apart of this but they get to stay the night at the […]

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Meet Queen Ashley

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a proud huntress! I have been archery hunting for 3 years now, and it was the best investment I have made yet. I started hunting at age 14 with a 30’6 and 270 rifle. I shot my first doe my first year of hunting. I wanted to […]

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Queen Julianne’s First Gobbler

Hunting turkeys was something I had just really gotten into the previous year; up until then I had pretty much stuck to just deer. I had fallen instantly in love with spring gobbler though the very first time I went out. What a thrill my first season was – full of strutting toms, brightly colored […]

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Kelly’s Corner – Comfort Zone vs. Fear Zone

  How many of us, during our hunts have felt a little uneasy while walking out to our stands in the dark? What about climbing higher than you did last season in your stand? The answer to these questions is probably more than we would like to admit. For me, I live in a household […]

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