Meet Queen Renee

So let me give you a bit of a background on who I am…I am currently married with three kids & we live & breathe everything outdoors! We love to hunt, fish & just be outside-catching frogs, snakes-anything to get us outdoors while we can!! Growing up my whole family hunted, shortly after I took […]

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From the Men – Alan’s Explains a World Surrounded by Huntresses

n October of 2014, my wife (Savanna) drew out a pronghorn hunt in the southeast area of New Mexico. Since my daughter (Tyler) who was five at the time had been on several hunts with us prior to this we decided to take her along. Savanna has been an avid huntress most of her life, […]

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Meet Brittany – Wisconsin Huntress

During bow season this year, I was able to get the first 2 weeks of November off from work to go deer hunting with my dad in Wisconsin. This was our last hoorah before rifle season started and the rut was just heating up. The weather took a crappy turn and it decided to be 55-60 degrees […]

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Queen Kayla & Princess Railee – Texas Youth Has Love For The Greater Outdoors & God….

Texas Youth Has Love For The Greater Outdoors & God…. Railee, a 6 year old girl from the small Texas town of Seguin, has found a great love for the outdoors. Born and raised in Texas, hunting was guaranteed to become part of her lifestyle. Railee’s passion began at the age of 5 and is […]

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Meet Laura – A LIFETIME of hunting… literally.

As a daughter of two people who met coon hunting & are still happily married, it’s safe to say hunting is a part of me & in my blood. I used to coon hunt with my father & grandfather’s as a child. I have a bear skin rug on my living room wall that a […]

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An Addiction to Hunting…

Hi my name is Melissa and I have a problem I’m addicted to hunting and have been for a very long time but I don’t have a typical story of growing up with a family that hunt in fact its quite a different story I’m a daughter of a single mother that has never hunted […]

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Andrea’s Amazing 2014 Bull Elk

I grew up hunting small game and going with my parents for big game but never hunted big game until 2008. I live in Colorado and am able to hunt bull elk every year with an over the counter tag. In 2014 my son, my husband, uncle-in-law and I all had tags for rifle 3rd […]

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Meet Misty – A Texas, Country Huntress

My name is Misty Lee, I’m a Texas woman who’s always loved the country life. I grew up fishing, riding horses, and hunting mud bugs out of the creek in the woods behind our house. I’ve always been a tomboy but I also like to get dressed up on occasion. At 38 years old, I’m […]

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Jermaine’s Story – New Mexico Huntress

First and foremost I was born and raised in Northern New Mexico where majority of the year the snowcapped Sanger De Christo Mountains are the skyline. Growing up I was always surrounded by avid hunters. Having a cousin that is a guide who would always take my big brother with him and only him. Because […]

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Meet Morgan – Indiana’s Newest Queen of Camo

Waking up before your alarm goes off, the smell of brewing coffee, and the crisp cold air. Every morning before that sun reaches the horizon…if you just take a moment to look closely you can see a little burst of air just seconds before the sun touches the earth with its warmth and light. That […]

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