Reel in the Cure

My name is Courtney and I have been fishing since I was just a little girl. Throughout I’ve made many accomplishments with my fishing experiences. I am now sponsored by two companies called “Pink Fishing” and “Lockett Lures” Pink fishing is a wonderful company that sells clothes and fishing gear, and all the profit they […]

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Love & Fishing

It was a beautiful summer day at Lake Raystown as I’m fishing off a boat with my parents and boyfriend. I was looking forward to this fishing trip all summer and I just couldn’t wait to get on the water and fish! A few weeks before the trip, I went to Cabelas and bought a […]

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Opening Day Turkey Hunt

It was finally opening morning of turkey season in Kentucky. I had been anticipating this day since deer season ended in January. I couldn’t wait to test out my new Little Runt decoy. It was a cold, crisp morning with temperatures in the 30’s, which made me a little nervous about how active the turkeys […]

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Taking Inventory

One of my favorite things to do leading up to, throughout, and after deer season is to take inventory on our trail cams. We have 200 acres that we hunt on and have about 8 trail cams that we check often. Believe me, I wish we had more as we always seem to find somewhere […]

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Know Your Gear

Whether you hunt with a bow, rifle, muzzle loader, crossbow, or shotgun, it is important to know your gear. When I first started rifle hunting I started by getting familiar with handling, loading and shooting the rifle I knew I would be hunting with. Safety is the most important thing in hunting and being comfortable with your […]

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The Ethical Debate

The killing of wild animals for food is one of the most controversial topics today. Society has changed their attitudes towards animals, and how they view their rights. Leaving society to question, is hunting morally ethical? In early America hunting used to be the only means for providing meat for your family. Now days […]

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Hunting the Season

One of my favorite things about bow hunting is that my deer season lasts longer. Our rifle season only lasts about 10 days here in Missouri, but bow season is from mid September to January. The deer activity and patterns change from early fall to late season and knowing what their main objectives are throughout […]

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Facing Fears

Growing up, hunting wasn’t something I had ever been exposed to. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I got into the sport, at the time I was nineteen. Immediately, my passion for the outdoors was awakened. Between studying and learning from my husband, I grew and evolved into a hunter in my own […]

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Crow Hunting

My husband and his friends have crow hunted for years & always told me how much fun it is. I always had the same opinion as I’m sure most people have when it comes to crow hunting: “Why on earth would anybody want to shoot crows?” Well, it turns out that I have been missing […]

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Harvesting and Gardening

While my family always seemed to have different plans and things they had going on in their lives, two things were certain to remain the same-we hunted and we had a garden. For my family, hunting and gardening were not only a means of eating fresh and quality food, but also a means of survival. […]

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