My MacGyver Moment

I always try to be as safe as possible when I am in the field, but sometimes things just happen; whether a pure accident or a result of my mistake, someone else’s mistake, or just me being clumsy. This moment happened during the 2011 deer hunting season. There were 3 of us hunting and the […]

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Shoot em up — 3d style

3d bow tournaments and shoots are not only competitive, they are fun too! This is one activity that I absolutely love. I enjoy it so much, that I am usually at one every free weekend I have. – This past weekend, I placed 2nd in the local 3d shoot. Not bad after being up all […]

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Yellowfin Tuna are probably my favorite fish to eat. Yeah I know I say that about a lot of fish, I am a huge fan of many fish species, but Yellowfin is by far one of the best. We have caught them occasionally trolling for billfish but have also gone on trips to floating rigs […]

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Recipe – Redfish on the Half-Shell

Redfish on the Half-Shell (Recipe)   The Red Drum, more commonly known as the Redfish, Bull Red or just Red are some of my favorite saltwater inshore fish to catch and eat. These fish are extreme fighters and bottom huggers which always make for a heavy fight regardless of their size. Redfish are easily recognizable […]

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Tricky Two “Lady” Tree Stand

My friend, Timi, and one of my lady hunting buddies this fall asked if I wanted to come help her put up her two “lady” tree stand. The obvious answer was heck yes! I had never helped or even seen a stand go up yet, so I was more than interested and excited get to […]

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Rooted and Home Grown

My family has always hunted, fished, and had vegetable gardens. We are a live off the land kind of people, which has lead us to a healthy and active lifestyle. My mother grew up on a dairy farm that also had crops and other live stock. My dad well….he is a kind of live off […]

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Product Review – Jamberry Nails

Over two weeks ago I applied Jamberry nail wraps to my toe nails. At the current time, Jamberry Nails operates much like MaryKay or Avon, you can purchase them through their website at or find a consultant and order through them. –– Upon receiving the samples and reading through the instructions, I was somewhat hesitant at first. It […]

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Recipe – Trout Amandine

I grew up on fish. When I was a kid, my dad was a scuba diver and often went spear fishing off the California coast for ling cod, sea bass, and rock fish. My family would frequently visit our cabin in the Sierra Mountains and spent much of that time catching trout. I remember always […]

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A Hot Hog Hunt

On a recent trip to Deep South Texas for a hog hunt the forecast was for extreme heat. As we drove to the ranch, the temperature in the truck read 107 degrees and with the high humidity it was going to be a rough hunt. After arrival and blind set-up I spent only 1 hunt […]

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Zeus the Yearling

This past weekend my husband, son, and I were shooting in the local archery tournament. It was a hot day, but we were pumped either way. We were getting to do something that we loved. The local course has 20 targets. Little did we know, we wouldn’t make it that far. – At target 15, […]

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