Woman: life giver/huntress

Perhaps one of the most common responses i get when people find out that i hunt is “how could you kill an animal?” or some variation of that. i would imagine that most hunters have also had this experience, i recently read an article about the dynamic relationship between a woman’s role as a “life […]

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The Journey to the Jewel

In my previous blogs I have expressed that my local archery shop has been the source of my frustration since getting into bow hunting. Things such as not having anything in stock, treating women and kids negatively, over charging for products, having bad customer service and providing bad advice are not what a bow shop […]

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Love the One You’re With

There is no experience more primal, isolating, and alone than hunting. i think it is the silence and the stillness that set it apart from other solitary activities. It is a feeling unlike any other to be so quiet and still, every part of our lives today requires us to be the opposite. – At […]

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Arrow Safety

Bow hunting is an extremely fun adventure but can become problematic if safety is the last thing on your mind. There is a lot to remember when it comes to bow hunting but practicing good safety should never be forgotten and is something that should be practiced enough so it becomes second nature. One of […]

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Product Review – RZ Mask Breath Safe

Having lived and hunted in the Northeast my entire life I am no stranger to the cold. I have spent many hunting trips straining to stay still while my nose and cheeks slowly lost feeling. As a chef and the resident camp cook my breath is something that I battle with while on a hunting […]

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An Addition to the Addiction

I recently purchased a new compound bow, the Mathews Jewel, and it was like Christmas in June for me!! With some hunting travels coming up this fall I wanted to make sure I had a ‘back-up’ bow (although this one might become my primary!). I would hate to travel somewhere for a hunt out of […]

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Go Fish!

I am lucky enough to be able to work for myself and my husband does the same, therefore we get to make our own schedules. It leaves a lot of flexibility to squeeze in some outdoor fun time in the middle of the work week whenever we have downtime. One place we enjoy taking the […]

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Product Review – SRB Field Rests

In recent years, winter and spring have found me in the field pursuing coyotes, wolves, bears, and turkeys. The nature of hunting these animals often involves spending a lot of time sitting, watching and waiting, usually in the snow or mud where it can be a real challenge to keep my bow or rifle clean […]

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Cowpies and Coyotes

Cowpies and Coyotes Spring turkey season is over and deer season is still a few months off. So what’s a huntress to do to satisfy her need to get outside and maybe shoot something? Well, this past weekend, my husband and I decided to take our bows out to an area where we had done […]

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Why DIY?

I’ve always been a do-it-yourself kind of girl. I credit that largely to my parents; I can’t recall a single time when they had someone else do something they could do themselves. To this day, even into their late 60s, they still always have at least one home improvement project going on; maybe remodeling a […]

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