The Things We Do for Family…

We all have stories of things that we have done because we had to, because the thing that we were doing was ‘for family.’ In most cases these things were things that we didn’t want to do and the things that caused the family photo to have at least one unhappy face. But what I am talking […]

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Take the Time to Respect the Food You Cook

I have spoken before about eating locally and eating seasonally but there is another step between the forest/field/and water before food hits the table. – Yesterday, while I was cooking a beautiful 10 pound roast that cost about $130, I was reminded of a book that I read recently called Beaten, Seared, and Sauced: On […]

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Eat the Way Humans Should!

On my way to work I was reading some food magazines. In “from garden to plate” a publication of Better Homes and Gardens there was a section on planting your own garden. While having a garden is a wonderful way to get fresh produce it is definitely not realistic for a lot of people. What […]

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Recipe – Venison Fajitas

Here is another simple, quick and delicious recipe that works well with venison or almost any meat you choose. Fajitas are a tasty and healthy way to get your veggies in, too! I usually serve them with guacamole, sour cream, chopped cilantro, and salsa. Enjoy!! – 2 tsp. seasoning salt ¼ tsp. garlic salt ½ […]

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Wild Hog Hunting Tips

I LOVE hunting wild hogs is an understatement…I am ridiculously head over heels with hunting wild hogs, especially with my bow, is a little bit closer to my true feelings. So many people are intrigued with the hog epidemic in Texas and the south (just as I am interested in hunting bear, moose, elk, etc) […]

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Momma’s Mission for Me

The influence of women in the outdoors is growing and we must all be ambassadors for them and the children being raised by them. Although I am not a mother myself I was influenced from an extremely early age by my mother about the great outdoors and I try to pass it on to any […]

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A Young Woman Hunting Among Men

My first hunting experience outside of our property in upstate NY was in Northern Canada. My dad asked me to join him on a hunt for caribou and I couldn’t wait to take advantage of a great opportunity to expand my hunting experience and knowledge, and of course to spend time with my dad! We […]

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Hog Wild Weekend #2

I was blessed to have another weekend of hog hunting to follow the first hog wild weekend. Going back to where we were married again to hunt 2 weekends in a row was beyond words. This time we knew what to expect; knew the hogs pattern a little bit, the sound of them swimming across […]

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Lessons I Have Learned in the Wilderness

I was fortunate enough this weekend to spend 4 days in the wilderness with my parents. I have been fortunate to have many days like these and over the past 24 years I have learned so much about life, the wild, and myself. – When I was young I learned how to build a fire, […]

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Lessons Learned

The more active, and the more activities I am involved in tend to run across the occasion mishap while out and about. Some are mere learning curves and others are from over confidence which can sometimes lead to careless mistakes. I have had my handful of mishaps hunting, fishing, and well in life in general. […]

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