Foxxy Doxie

As it always seems to turn out, a quick weekend trip turned into an extremely memorable one. The plan was to head up to the ranch in the Texas hill country, pull trail cameras, pick up pop up blinds to prevent weathering and damage, feed the cows and maybe do a little calling for predators […]

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Don’t Box Me In

There are many different ways you can hunt for many types of game. I myself have hunting blinds, pop-ups, tripods, and camouflage so I can stay out in the open, or in the trees. We also hunt out of other creative antiques that have become part of the ranch. … All that know me know […]

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DIY European Mount

You have been hunting and have harvested an animal that you want to mount! Taxidermy is the final act! Preserving a meaningful trophy closes the circle and allows someone to complete the overall experience of taking a game animal. A European mount is a great entry point for a hunter who wants to test the […]

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Hunting for History

My favorite way to hunt is to walk our draws and hills at the ranch. I am a VERY claustrophobic person, and after just a few dull, non-action moments in a blind, I’m done! I always say if the animals aren’t coming in, or to the feeders, get out and “make something happen!” Besides making […]

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Aware and Armed

Always be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and never let your guard down…..these are a few words of wisdom told by my father in his self defense classes. I grew up a full participant in karate and self defense classes on up into my adulthood. Helping train and teach other people skills to […]

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Third Time’s A Charm… We HOPE!

We’ve been after a monster 8 point this year for about 2 months now. The first time I saw him was when Holt and I were hunting in the Hog Trap. We had rattled in another nice 8, that Holt was fixing to take a shot on if I could’ve stopped him sooner, when Holt […]

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Just Build It

Many times I get wonderful invites to hunt a friends ranch or lease only to find out that most of the hunters are rifle hunters and there aren’t any bow blinds set up for me to hunt. Because these are sometimes short trips there isn’t time to get there early and put up a pop […]

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A Nice Spread

I have been collecting duck decoys for years. I like the old vintage hand made wooden ones. I have a great appreciation for the hand painted detailed carved decoys because I am an artist and know what it takes to make such pieces. Duck decoys can be used for more than just hunting aids, they […]

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Never a Dull Moment

I use knives on a daily basis. I actually keep one in my purse for opening boxes, cutting apples, and self defense. I have one for scuba diving, fishing, and one that I carry in the field hunting. A girl can never have to many knives, or camo clothing, ha ha! You really never know […]

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Time for a New String

There’re many differences in strings for your bow. You absolutely do need to pay attention to the strings on your bow too. I can tell you from experience, watching someone’s bow blow up on them because of worn strings is VERY scary, to say the least! When you think about it, you’re at full draw, […]

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