A Hunting Heart for the Holidays

Once again, I’ve learned something from another Holiday! I just recently accepted a part-time position at a wonderful non-profit group called HWOH, “Hunting With Our Heros”, with Nathan Nelson. This non-profit organization takes service men and women on hunts they have wanted to go on. I took this part-time position because I have felt the […]

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Happy Huntress

I enjoy taking other people on hunting and fishing trips almost as much as I like to go by myself. I especially like taking people that are new to both sports. Seeing the excitement on their faces and being there to take photos of the new hunters harvest is awesome! It makes me almost feel […]

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Management of Deer

I cannot stress the importance of wildlife management. We are not only hunters, but managers of these amazing creatures. I say that because when hunting, it’s of utmost importance to distinguish which mature animals to harvest, thereby increasing the stamina and numbers of the herd, and preventing starvation and over-population. … When looking for a […]

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Dropping Antlers

With the majority of the 2012 whitetail season in the history books, there is a new kind of hunting for whitetail that begins and requires a little bit of a different skill; no rifles or bows, no camouflage, no early morning waking up or late nights. You don’t need grunt calls, rattle bags, camo face […]

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Critters – Mother Nature’s Children

Natures unexpected change of events and sometimes crazy unpredictable wildlife is just another reason hunting and fishing never gets old. Some of my most memorable outdoor experiences have been not actually harvesting an animal but adventures and things that happened on the pursuit! Being outside one on one with the beautiful outdoors and the creatures […]

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Look Past the Purpose

It’s that time of year, at least in Texas, where deer season is coming to a close which always saddens my heart a little. There is always other hunting and fishing but there is something about chasing whitetail and when it’s almost over or over in your county it’s bittersweet. The Christmas and New Year break […]

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Let’s Make Up

Referring back to an older blog I wrote called ‘Don’t Hate, Congratulate’ I have been seeing and hearing some insanely rude comments that specifically target women hunters. I understand why anti-hunting organizations target hunters (I obviously don’t agree) but I will never understand why people feel the need to tear down others within our own […]

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Can You Find the Time?

Many often wonder can I find the time if I’m a wife, or if I’m a mother, to pursue my outdoor dreams? I’m not going to lie; it’s difficult almost all the time! It can be done, but probably not always as easily as the others that don’t have to worry about a sitter, the […]

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The Blind Side

The duck habitat in south Texas is very diverse. The areas where I waterfowl hunt I have had the opportunity to observe and watch the ducks there for years. This is because the ducks share their winter home here with many sought after game fish. My fishing trips in the flats double as duck scouting […]

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The Battle Within

When it comes to hunting and everything that goes with it, there are so many variables that factor into any hunt: The layout of the land you are hunting, the weather and wind, the laws and regulations, the moon phases, animal activity including pre-rut or rut, animal population, hunter pressure, predator population, weapons used, your […]

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