Bittersweet Buck

Five years ago we were blessed with a beautiful hill country ranch for my in laws to put their cows on and the opportunity to hunt the land as well. We have spent many long hours scouting, working, and hunting this low fence land putting our heart and soul into such a beautiful 540 acres […]

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My Eyes On My Site

One of the other controversial equipment discussions in bow hunting is about sites. Fixed pin or adjustable, size of the site pins, tapered size, etc., what do you prefer? … I can tell you I have tried many of sites and brands. I’ve tried both fixed and movable sites, and can see where both would […]

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Be One With Nature

Everyone should know hunting’s not always about harvesting an animal, but being a part of nature. My favorite thing to do is rattle. Nothing describes an angry buck bolting in to the sound of a fight, only it’s me, camouflaged out with horns and a grunt tube, luring him in, closer until he’s almost on […]

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AR…. a great style for the ladies

Sometimes the perfect opportunities come up that help you enlighten others to the wonderful world of hunting. Anytime I can open someone’s eyes to hunting that were previously shut, is an opportunity to help a healthy wonderful sport grow. I have been around firearms my entire life. My father introduced me to hunting and shooting […]

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How you like them apples?

As I sit in my tree stand looking out in front of me for any movement there are so many thoughts that go through my mind. Now it’s 9:30 am and its one of those beautiful days where the weather is perfect and I know I need to sit longer through midday. There wasn’t much […]

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You Don’t Need That!

I talk…a lot…about hunting. Especially during deer season. Every weekend that I can I am going hunting and friends, family, and coworkers know this because I talk about it. I generate numerous conversations because of this lifestyle I lead and I enjoy it thoroughly. One thing I have noticed from either new hunters or non […]

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Doe Down

This last weekend I went hunting for white tail deer. I was going to try and harvest a doe if the opportunity was available to me. All deer are trophies to me whether they are doe or bucks. I get shaky and “buck fever” no matter what I hunt. From pigs to deer, I’m a […]

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The Appeal of the Squeal

Five years ago, on 25 acres of land deep in South Texas, I sat in my new leaf suit in a tripod with my new bow in hand. It was a hot afternoon as sweat dripped down my face. My release was buckled with the fresh leather against my wrist, my arrow nocked on the string, my mind […]

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Second Hunt, First Buck

So as we near this holiday season with Christmas and New Years closing in, I started reminiscing about my first hunting memories because it was this time of year when I went on my second hunt and killed my first buck almost 9 years ago. Some might say that starting to hunt at age 19 […]

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The Many ‘Names’ of Hunting

Where are y’all going hunting at tonight? I’m going to “Hole in the Fence.” Haha, my favorite hunting blind is “Hole in the Fence.” That got me to thinking, how in the world do places we hunt at get “names,” as we tend to assign them? Well, kind of just like that favorite rifle that […]

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