Voila! Venison Victory

One of the questions I get asked the most about hunting from non-hunters is if I eat what I kill and most of the time I say yes; although some people love to eat almost any animal, there are some varmints I am completely satisfied with passing up. The next statement to follow is “how […]

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Texas Black Buck Antelope

There are so many reasons why I love living and hunting here in Texas. The state has an abundance of wildlife both native and foreign animals introduced and brought here by men. Like many other exotic animals from other countries, Black Buck Antelopes, have become abundant and thrive roaming free and wild in Texas. Along […]

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Hunting Lemonade

When hunting gives you lemons………squeeze them on the deer back-strap and slap it on the grill! Or, as we did today, rattle or grunt your own animals in! Anyone that knows me has heard me say “if you don’t see animals, get out and make something happen! Go to them, or call them in!” Holt […]

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Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk, & Stalk!

As I mentioned in my blog “Finding Fred” about “The Archer’s Bible” I will be coming back to the sound advice of Fred Bear that has stood the test of time. With the deer season in Texas nearing the end, many hunters are getting anxious to fill their tags and get that trophy buck or […]

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Shake, Rattle, and Heads will Roll (the basics)

When bow hunting, getting that special deer in range is one of the biggest challenges that hunters face but fortunately ladies, we can use the male testosterone to our advantage. Most of the ladies know (and I think the facts are out there) that when men are chasing women, certain common sense characteristics are thrown […]

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A Born Again Thanksgiving

It’s the time of year again to hear all the “What are you thankful for” comments, such as all the known cliché’s. While I am truly thankful for all of the same, such as family, friendships, etc., it wasn’t until this Thanksgiving I have truly found a new meaning. I am not only an avid […]

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Build Your Wall… I Have a Ladder

Disclaimer: this is a very emotional blog; it is not mean’t to degrade anyone or hurt any feelings. It is a true account of what women hunters still face in today’s world and a true testament to one of the many reasons why this passion of mine spills into everything I do. It is why […]

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“Getting Fit” for the Outdoors

As far as I’m concerned, there is way more advantages in being a modern day outdoors-woman, compared to the days when I first started hunting 30 years ago. Many people see being a woman as a disadvantage in this industry, but I clearly do not. You now have every open opportunity to make your hunt […]

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Nena’s First Bow Deer

I was sitting in a tri-pod stand, underneath a tall cedar tree that overlooked a small pond on a gentle rolling hill. There were game trails all around me. That pond and its’ surroundings just screamed “here piggy piggy!” This is a great spot to hunt and I am pumped to be back at Hugelland […]

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My Life as a Taxidermist

As a child I was always interested in the anatomy of animals. My Dad would field dress the animals he had harvested and I would always want to examine them. It was always interesting to me to see what they were eating. I still to this day like to look in the stomachs of the […]

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